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MegaBite Sized Berocka #3


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>”Fuck planning, amirite?”

God you “free balling” podcasters stress me out. 

>”There’s no announcement that prediction opens, ugh. We’ll, there’s the schedule, but I don’t bother looking at that.”


Man, I’m sorry you’re not having fun with a goalie. You can always retire early eh?


HA I did not know your name now was a meme. Why’d you pick the Maldives for a joke name? So random, I love it. 

You should definitely do a Crash Bandicoot name for your next player, I know you love you some Dingodile. 

What happened with Boot and Jardy?? Is PooPooPeePee a stolen name?!


>”VSN Australia, it was fun… before Boot…”

daaaaayum. Harsh. 

Review: I get more TPE for this review than you do stars out of 10. 

When you were talking about highlighting a player from my team, I thought for sure that was why I *had* to listen to this one. Nope, it was so that I could participate in a conversation with you in a million different accents. Awesome. YOU DIDNT EVEN FEATURE A MEMBER!!!

I love the idea of a podcast contest. How come gfx gurus get all the fun?!


Man, the podcast with Gorlab was legendary. He dropped an unreal rap in the intro, and has just such a scary epic voice. You’d win right away. 


Solid pod, it’s never as shit as you think it is. I’m glad you and your goofy English are back talking about the league ✌️ 


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Thank you for telling us who we were listening to.


Yes, fuck planning. Except for parenthood.


It's S81 you idiot.


Fake Purple? You're both Cadburys purple.


I think you get more then 1 TPE this season from VHFL.


Must be a Brisbane internet thing mate. Even in the bush, the portal doesn't crash for me when searching players for Predictions.


Depreciation is theft!


I agree. Haven't made a goaler in 50+ seasons. Fuck that.


Poll Answer : I already know where you live mate. Fortitude Valley is pretty rough. Ummm, back to answer - make a joke name. It will suit the players skill level.


Just like real life NRL eh? Any sex scandals yet?


Fuck that guy, bump him if he's merged and not waved.


Man, your research department is poop.


"what's it called....feud" LOL


You GM'ed for a week? OMG.


You had no podcast before boot. He did all the work.


You got it mate, I enjoy listening to your elite, white collar voice.


What do you mean you aren't good at voices? I thought I was in the middle of Dunedin for a second. Choice bro!


Stop campaigning. You sound like scomo. You can't pull off trying to be a man of the people. 


How dare you say that the 3 listeners don't like you. It's a combination of liking you and our sympathy but we like you.


Smooth accent? WTF?


I don't trust a shonky accountant tallying the votes for a podcast tournament.


Over 15 minutes easily, despite talking about nothing. You are the Seinfeld of the VHL.


Why do you keep saying that you are a responsible driver? Did you fire your chaueffer?


I like your ending, but I'm not going to tag friends. I can't...I don't have any.







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>”Fuck planning, amirite?”
You are right, yes.


- Be better at Fantasy and you’ll get more than 1 TPE!


- In fairness, 99 attributes is overrated. I DON’T think there’s much difference from 98 or 97 or even 95, so why sink like a month of PTs into them to close that gap?


- I already voted on your name 

- I was already considering another goon player before Vinny Detroit! I may or may not do that though. Or maybe I’ll steal your idea AFTER you create, fool!


- I AGM Halifax, the team you GM’d for a week!


- I actually did bring the 2 TPE reviews up to the BOG. Gus shot it down.


- #Berocka4Elmebeck


- I’m sweeping the dang podcast awards 

- It is just the accent that brings us here, yes.


- Free-balling podcasts 4 lyfe


- @Phil and @Tate can be in the tourney too


- Stop driving so responsibly and have more content


- I tagged those boys earlier gimme them likes!


Frankly I’m fine with your bullshit pods. 10/10

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"we have started the next season, which is season [enter season number here]" i'm dead


the "fake purple team" please


> is mad that he doesn't know when predictions open and close

> hates the schedule


"depreciation! that's shit."


i'm a fan of fantasy character names because it makes career tasks easy to write


"where's my wave? WHERE'S MY WAVE?" i'm damn near crying i love the energy in these podcasts


love the old vsn australia podcasts


this podcast is not boring 😠


the imaginary conversation between you and al


while you talk about yourself getting the elmebeck, i can hear the smile in your voice. it's fantastic


you only need 2 votes to get your name on the ballot, 3 listeners is fantastic. love vote manipulation


freeball the requirements. naturally created content will get you the most genuine superlatives


i love the pride you very obviously take in making no effort to prepare for anything

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