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The Story of Jacques Grande - Chapter Two - Book One




You're worthless. I knew we should have stayed in the NHL. This league isn't meant to hold a talent like us. We're too experienced, too advanced in our craft to sit here and allow them to refer to us a prospect. They don't understand what we bring to a team and they never will. They refuse to take an in depth look to see it. Fuck them.


The frigid air didn't feel very cold anymore. I'm not sure if I had finally become accustomed to it or if my entire body was just numb, but I couldn't feel it. Despite spending my entire life playing near ice, the cold had always been something to affect me. My own little personal weakness. The past couple weeks in Ottawa was a new experience that I wasn't  really enjoying. The sight seeing wasn't up to my par and the fans seemed to care a little too much about the sport. I couldn't walk the street without having some overweight parasite with a thick accent approach me and give me tips on how to make my game translate better.


"Hey, Grande!"


Dammit. My stream of thoughts subside and I am back to reality, my own personal hell. The foot traffic on the sidewalk has come to a complete stop and all the attention was suddenly on me. For a moment, I forget why I am even here.


"Great game last night! Good to finally see you get on the board!"


The bearded man approaches me. His Lynx allegiance is all too apparent with his hooded sweatshirt and beanie cap. I shake his hand and politely thank him for what he says. He continues on.


"They say you will be entering the VHL draft at the end of the season? Is this true?"


He seems to be quite immersed in what I do with my life. I humor him just to keep up the image. 


"That was always the goal. Establish myself as a player and then make my way up to the big leagues to truly test my skills. I didn't come here to hang out in the minor leagues. I want to play against some of the best players this sport has to offer. The VHL offers me that more than the VHLM does."


Test your skills? You're a joke of a player. You've been a negative for the team this season. Do you even pay attention?


There's that ringing in my ears again. That little fuck. He just can't leave me alone can he?


"Well we hope the best for you. We've loved having you play for the team this season. You've already managed to gather quite a following in your short time here. It's pretty awesome."


Isn't that cute. You have fans.


I thank him again for the kind words and turn my attention back towards the direction I was going. Despite not producing high numbers like I had originally intended, it seemed I was able to impress a few people. Good. I deserve the spotlight, but I deserve it on such a larger scale. A single individual coming up to me on the street was an insult.


Insult? You should be happy he even recognized you. If only he knew the things you had done to get here.......


His words echoed off the inside of my skull as if my brain didn't exist. My vision began to blur and a familiar face appeared before me. Was I really seeing this or was it all a dream? All I could see was the face of a beautiful woman. Despite not being able to place a name on her, I felt like I knew everything about her. Her smile was infectious and made me feel as if nothing else in the world currently mattered. Her pale skin and blonde hair made her shine before me. I reached out to pull her close and instantly I felt a pain in my chest. I didn't care. I had to touch her face. Maybe the physical contact would allow me to finally give her a name, to hold her close. The closer I got, the worse the pain was.It began to feel as if my heart would literally burst from my chest if I continued on. I extended my reach anyway. Right before my finger could touch her cheek, a look of horror spread across her face. Her lips morphed into a scream, but there was no sound in the air. Her face slowly disappeared and I stood in a never ending feeling of darkness. The pain in my chest was no more. The only thing existing was the steady beat of my own heart. Thump, thump....thump, thump.




A scream fills my conscious and suddenly I am back on the street. I recall my previous conversation with the fan and notice that I had yet to take a step from where I was standing. The constant flow of people walking past me feel like a blur. There is an uneasy feeling in my stomach.


She's beautiful isn't she?


The most beautiful thing in the world. I've seen her before.


You have and you can see her again.


How? Tell me? How do I know her?


In due time, my eager friend. She waits for you. I'm not sure why, but she does. Unfortunately, we have other things to take care of first.


How can I see her? Where is she?


Embrace me and eventually all things will be clear.


Okay, but how long will that take?


Patience is a virtue, my friend.



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