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Ban Mike Milbury


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There has been some extreme backlash against the recent hiring of Mike Milbury by the VHL Network.  Many people are wondering why the VHL would tarnish their brand with the hiring of one the biggest losers in the hockey world.  VHL fans and players are concerned this will lead to the deterioration of the VHL as it has been one of the most successful professional hockey leagues in the world and appears to be showing no signs of slowing down.


"I thought the VHL was trying to be better than the NHL.  Why the fuck would they hire Mike Milbury?  Next thing you know we're going to have a fucking broadcast team of Jack Edward Pierre McGuire to go along with this fool.  I actually think that would be great... the three biggest clowns to ever be part of hockey."


But, Milbury has received some support from the league.  Many are happy he is headed to the broadcast booth as opposed to the front office of a VHL organization.  "When I heard he was coming to the VHL, I was worried he was coming to put the nail in the Iron Eagles' coffin.  As long as he never goes near any of our teams and does not ever, ever leave the booth, I'm okay with it.  Just please, make sure you don't piss him off..."

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