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Seattle New Stadium. Bad for the Bears


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The Seattle Bears govern the Pacific Northwest in the VHL as the Vancouver Canucks do so in the NHL. The cross border rivals have seen their fare share of exhibition games as both teams compete against each other in the Northwest Trail Cup at the dawn of both their respective seasons. Sadly, because of the nature of their relationship, the tumultuous relationship is strictly used as a development screening for prospective players in both leagues and a real rivalry cannot form as they both play in different leagues. In actuality, many Seattle fans drive up to Vancouver and watch the Canucks play to fulfill their NHL fix, as the NHL is the highest pedigree of hockey in North America. 

As of this week, rumours of a new Seattle NHL franchise have been just that, rumours. But with the introduction of Vancouver developer, Victor Coleman, to the Seattle NHL saga, the prospect of Seattle having a new NHL franchise brings back hope to those longing to see NHL action in Seattle but dread to those who bleed Burgundy and Beige. The Bears franchise lead the North American Conference in sellouts, average attendance, jersey sales, coffee absorption, toques and moustache combos, and a record setting two-stabbings per game ratio. 

The New Seattle franchise will create a major rift between the VHL and NHL and fan bases will be split. As a hockey fan, I would love to see a Seattle v. Vancouver hockey matchup, much like the rivalry in the MLS with respective cities. But as a VHL fan, I dread to see the strong franchise of Seattle become that of a second-tier team in a strong hockey market. 

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