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Claimed:Hockey prospect moonlighting as a professional wrestler?


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By Renee Young


For several weeks, there have been rumors of a new VHLM talent moonlighting in the WWE as a masked luchadore in an attempt to supplement his income. We now have exclusive proof that the masked man known as El Cuchilla is none other than the newest member of the Brampton Blades, Emidas Blair. Blair, 21, was known in high school and his short stint in college as a wrestler well-versed in many styles – it is with this knowledge in mind that the reasoning for his moonlighting becomes clear.


As we all know, hockey was not Blair’s first foray into professional sports – but it is his weakest one yet, as he has only played the sport on this level for several short months. It seems that Emidas was hedging his bets on making it again as a professional athlete by attempting to make a name in the professional wrestling business on the side. Fans have reacted warmly to El Cuchilla so far, forcing his promotion to push him as far as the crowd will allow them. However, his identity being revealed may hurt his credibility with the fans – and even put a stop to his current push.


The question does remain, however; how was Blair caught? How was the identity of El Cuchilla solved so quickly when many Lucha Libres go years without having their identity revealed, if at all? It seems Blair’s own teammates at Brampton are to blame. Despite the popular opinion that pro wrestling isn’t real, the damage done to their bodies – specifically on certain bumps – is real. Blair would often show up to practice with bruises, cuts and other injuries lathered all over his body and attempt to pass it off as goofing off with friends.


The VHLM has not publicly commented on the revelation, nor is it expected to. As it is a stomping ground for many of the world’s best hockey prospects, their private opinion is that if Blair does not commit himself fully to the league then he will likely be soon out of a job – not due to their intervention, but due to his regressing skill on the ice. After all, if you’re a minor league hockey player moonlighting as a wrestler – where is the time in the day to work on your hockey game? Many prospects are now seen as more of a sure thing than Blair for the upcoming draft, and news that his heart isn’t 100% on hockey could convince more than a few General Managers to pass on him – or at the very least, delay picking him until the later rounds.


We will continue to follow this story as it develops, but for now, it looks like El Cuchilla’s days as a professional hockey player may soon be numbered.






Renee Young is the editor-in-chief of the VHL Weekly, and will be working tirelessly to bring you a new edition every week during the VHL season

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