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Review: NFTs are the future of art and as much as I hate to admit it, they seem to be trending upward and upward with every passing day. Thankfully, there are some quality NFTs out there. Only problem? They are hella overpriced. However, I think these were quite creative NFTs. One of my favourites are the creative depiction of the Warsaw Predators as an NFT. Did I ever imagine I'd see the Warsaw Predators logo as an NFT? No. But I definitely think it is an excellent idea and gives a great new reimagination of the logo. It's creative, it's sleek, it's amazing. These NFTs are one of a kind and would definitely sell for millions of dollars, as it deserves. My only real problems are that I don't like how they continually vary in size (i feel like i'm being cheated pixels by the smaller ones) and there's no Seattle Bear one. 6.8/10.

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