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El Pollo Loco


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I've been meaning to make something to celebrate that my player and his VHLM linemate, @SpicyGecko will get to continue being linemates in the VHL. I've been calling our line "El Pollo Loco" since: a) It's a popular Guatemalan fast food restaurant that makes fried chicken b) George Sanderson, sounds like someone who would own a chicken farm and sell fried chicken.


That and he's just a great guy.



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Well this looks like a fun project. I think your design choices are solid. I like the background and the contrasting color palette. Text looks simple yet the effect and overall look of the text is great. About the only thing I would say that could have been worked on longer is lining up the logo swaps better.  Getting the angles right is not easy sometimes and even when they are technically in the right spot, they sometimes look off. Oh, and get rid of the NHL collar logo. Great job, I really like this theme.


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