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Happy Holidays


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I can't believe the season is half over. Time flies when you are winning, and losing. It's been a fun trip so far and I hope everyone in the minors has a blast and makes some memories. I remember my first player and playing for Halifax. It was a good time that I will not forget. I made many friends at that time. I can't remember many of them but I remember learning the ropes and respecting the work of others as they climbed the TPE ladder. It was a good time for sure.


Now, a couple of players later, I am really enjoying the whole minor league experience. It seems strange to go from and fairly successful center to a low skilled defenseman but looking at it long term, I feel it was a player I needed to make. Checking hasn't been a skill I have ever invested in so I thought I would see where it takes me with this player. So far so good. I like his play style in this early stage and I have his build planned out when he moves up a league. I hope I will find the same fun times in the next league as I have in the minors.


Stay safe everyone. Happy Holidays.

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