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Game recaps for S80 Bratislava Watchmen (Part 2)


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So, here we are, the Part of this never ending series of Frostbeard recaps the Bratislava games... I know, I know, you might say that is going off easy as I have done these quite a time before, compiled them and released them to public but it is kind of like creating a backlog of graphics, isn't it? Well, that probably also answers Beaviss review on the previous article on why these are quite short and I am not going into depth - there are 72 games every season so I am not gonna do full 200 words per game, I would go insane. Enjoy!


Game 45 OTW Vasteras Iron Eagles

Well, well, well... Here we are again, 5-4 OTW. Won the game and had 0 players in the 3 stars, isn't that funny? Jlloyoid Blloyoiderson had his 2 goals and assist, great performance. Jannik Nylen managed to get 3 assists and have a strong game against our bitter rivals (At least it seems like they are). John Baard and Donny Carter both managed to finish the game with 1+1, a great game overall. 

Game 48 L Vasteras Iron Eagles 

5-2 loss is never going to be easy. Pretty amazing results and play by Sven Eightnine and Jakub Brozik who both finished the game with 1+1 and pretty much was our offence that game. The big issue with this game? Powerplay! We had 9 power plays and we didn't manage to get even 1 goal in those 9 chances.

Game 51 W Vasteras Iron Pigeons

What a glorious win! Qapla' (Cool reference right?) 5-2 win is always welcome in this house so I am extremely happy with our play today. Carter, Nylen, Baard and more, everybody was playing their best game, were involved and made sure that we are playing on the highest level defensively and offensively. Orion D H Chiester IX was our star of the game 0.947 save percentage is truly wonderful!

Game 54 SOW Vasteras Iron Puffins

What a game, SOW against Puffins. Tough game but in the end, we were the better team. We managed to perform all game - from our sturdy goaltender in Alex Parise @Joker to our offence who just lit up. To me though, the individual effort and skill that we saw from Donny Carter was unparalleled, truly a star level performance! What else could you want? Sven Eightnine with 2 assists helped to get Donny in the position to score. Still keeping it strong is Tony Adams with his defensive game - consistency is the way to go!

Game 58 L Rome Gladiators

7-2 loss is a really huge blow to us after very tiring games against the Pigeons. Jlloyoid Blloyoiderson and Donny Carter each scored a goal and Jakub Brozik managed to get 2 assists that game. It is clear that our defence was not at its best and our goaltending duo didn't play at their highest this game. No matter, with few adjustments we will be back. 

Game 61 L Rome Gladiators

3-2 loss is a bit more logical considering how strong our team is. Not a blowout. Goals by Logain Ablair and Jakub Brozik - both of them kept us in the game and made sure we had a shot at that W. Sadly it didn't work out but I can fully say that Alex Parise was playing as good of a game as he could.

Game 64 L Cologne Express

We got carried out of the arena after that performance, we are just not getting shots on the net enough and our opponents are. Tony Adams played really well and finished the game with 2 goals. 5-3 loss, let's hope that we can get more shots on the net in the future. 

Game 66 W Rome Gladiators

Pretty impressive that we actually won that game. Got outshot and overall, only our great defensive play and stellar goaltending saved the day. Tony Adams, Jakub Brozik, Donny Carter and Logain Ablar all managed to get at least 1 goal. Really nice to see that spread out offence. It feels like Jannik Nylen was involved in every situation as he finished the game with 3 assists. Awesome job by our goaltender Alex Parise.

Game 69 (Nice) L Stockholm Vikings

Low amount of shots on the net again and we are pushed back. 1-goal-games hurt the most. Great performance by Tony Adams again, Jlloyoid Blloyoiderson and Jakub Brozik show their best play again and make sure that we are still showing our best hockey. 

Game 71 L Rome Gladiators

What was I saying about those one-goal-games? Such a hard-hitting loss, pretty much the same problems as we saw in the previous few games. The one good thing is that Donny Carter and Jakub Brozik are still putting up their best play on the table each sim. Hoping that line changes will give us some momentum and allow us to perform better.

Game 75 W Stockholm Vikings

What a game! 7-3 win of absolute domination against Stockholm. Really great to see that our goal scoring numbers are better than in the last few games. Shots are up, playing better defence too! Jlloyoid Blloyoiderson with a brilliant hat-trick and an assist for 4 points. Donny Carter being an assist making machine this game and providing his skill for almost every single goal we scored. Pippo Coca and Jakub Brozik both with 2 goals and providing extra help. Logain Ablar and Jannik Nylen each with 2 assists being active and hungry for wins. For us, this game provided a decent sample size about our powerplay chances and how the new PP lines look. Let's hope we can keep this up!

Game 79 L Istanbul Red Wolves

Great performance by Jlloyoid Blloyoiderson and Donny Cartner. Some amazing defensive plays by all our defencemen but overall, we are just not getting it done. I feel like we are really hurting when it comes to our defensive play as overall we are still getting great results in shooting and getting goals. 

Game 82 L Istanbul Red Wolves

Another extremely productive and close game. 6-5 loss is a tough one to deal with, especially when you have put in so much work.  Logain Ablar played amazing hockey for us with 4 points that game. Carter and Nylen both are sitting just under him with 3 points each. Overall, you can be proud of our offensive play but defensively we are just not cutting it. 

Game 85 L Rome Gladiators

Gonna move past this one real fast. John Baard @preheatedalloy scores our only goal that game. It Doesn't really matter how many our opponents scored on us, right? RIGHT? I might be going slightly mad. At least Logain Ablar fought in this game and tried to defend our team's honour, it was a draw however so who knows if our honour is safe.

Game 86 L Istanbul Red Wolves

Outshot them by a lot, got outscored by 2 goals. I guess, with recent changes it is clear that we are on the right path, we have just lost our great defensive touch we had. Donny Carter, Tony Adams and Jakub Brozik each got a goal in this 5-3 loss. A Goalie switch happened. Will see, maybe we will have to start checking some goalie stats and go with one as the majority of starts.


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