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Current state of Bratislava Watchmen and Frosty


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Current state of Bratislava Watchmen and Frosty


I have to say, as a GM, I am pretty intrigued on where our team is heading and what is going to be the next step for our team. I like our roster, might have to introduce some minor changes to our defensive core but all that is completely fine. Scoring wise, super happy to see Nils Godlander dominating and few others keeping up with him. 


Goaltending situation still makes me a bit worried. Even though our starting goaltender Orion is really playing strong, we are having some issues overall and I am not really sure how we can really deal with all that considering I am not interested in playing our inactive goaltender majority of games even if he is doing better. Will see what happens though. 


The future is pretty good, we haven't traded any picks right now, have not really spent any extra value on any trades, that might happen soon though. Still, will try my best to keep my hands tight on those picks as I find them pretty much too valuable to actually trade them right now. 


Probably our locker room is at the all time quiet mode due to me being away for most of the day and in the evening kind of trying to chill either via streaming or just chatting to people. Will improve though quite soon as some of my day activities are gonna be done. Sadly, due to that I might become even more annoying and bother people of the VHL even more. 


Cheers, that is all from me!

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