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Revisiting Kisslinger II goal’s halfway through season.


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Revisiting Kisslinger II goal’s halfway through season.

I just wanted to take the time now that we are about halfway through the season and reflect on the personal goals, I have set out for myself back when I did my rookie experience earlier this season. A little spoiler alert is that I already have gotten super close or have passed my goals which is pretty insane. I feel like I underestimated myself and next season when I write down my goals, I will give myself a higher bar to reach.


My Point Goals


               “I would love to get 50 points with at least 25 goals by the end of the season.” I made that statement when I was 12 games into the season with 15 points. I think at the time 50 points seemed like it was going to be easy but not the easiest to reach. I hit a huge couple day of sims where Kisslinger II exploded. I got my first VHL hattrick and was getting 4-6 points a sim, really contributing to the team and helping us secure some close games. I am currently at a 1.5 point per game pace and looking at around 108 points in 72 games if my math is correct lol. As you can see, I already broke my goal for points around 31 games in, which is quite crazy, and I will probably break my goal for goals during tomorrow’s sim.  Another goal I have for this season is to place top 10 in the rookie scoring and get my name out there.” I was rank 6 I believe at this time, and I know have topped the class and currently lead the way!


My Updating Goal

               I did not write about this goal in my rookie experience as I did not think it fit and it would have looked weird but, this season I really wanted to keep my updating as close to max as possible. I was drafted in the first round for the first time ever and I feel like I have a standard that I have to keep up with. I mean, I do not mind as I am starting to really reach out and participate in this league, (Only took my about 5-7 seasons lol). I have been doing super well with updating and even was the second highest tpe earner from last week with 27! I am constantly looking and working towards way that I can earn more tpe every week and really have a sick player in the VHL


My Career Goals

               I feel like I can review some of my career goals and talk about if I really think I can reach some of these. “I want to play in Warsaw my whole career” That was the first goal that I wrote down and I feel like this is the most realistic goal on my list. I feel like Warsaw took a shot on me and drafted me in the first round so I would love to pay it back by winning them a championship. I feel like my relationship with everyone in the locker room is good and there are no problems whatsoever.  “Another goal of mine this season is to be a driving factor to get Warsaw into the playoffs and far into the playoffs. I want to win, and I want to be big contributor to us winning.” As I said earlier, I want to pay back Warsaw with a championship, which I feel like will come. I also wanted to be a driving force and really make us more dangerous which I believe I have succeeded with. I feel like Warsaw has one of the most lethal second lines in the whole league. I feel like Warsaw as a team is slept on.


My Conclusion

               I feel like these goals were decent steppingstones and helped me judge where my player is at and how to start thinking about the long-term plan. I feel like underestimating yourself or something is not a very good practice because you never know what could happen.


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