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Halifax GM/AGM


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Review: Uh, Well, that was very basic. I am a huge fan of the GM and the AGM having a face. Halifax seems very faceless to me now; I know I have been out of the city for almost twenty years and a lot has/hasn`t changed in the city; considering the name of the Junior A team I played for I think has changed names and location multiple times now since we won the Royal Bank Cup; against my former Junior A team in BCJHL and all my former team mates and some of my best friends. But Halifax need to have a face at least. I would also like to see Pier 21 in the background, Citadel or at least the water front with the twin white towers, the little harbour ferries if they are still there. Other then that it is super clean but very basic so once again I am waffling (which would be amazing to eat at the moment) (can tell that I am tired as I keep going and going for the sake of going) (not like the energy bunny; more like a truck driver about to fall a sleep at the wheel) Anyways Final score: 6/10 Since I am being nice today since Santa needs to bring me a puppy and a pillow!! 

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