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What's happened with the Calgary Wranglers? They started the season 11-1-2, and those were the highs of their season so far. It wasn't long after that where the Calgary Wranglers started to fall apart, and it's a mystery on why that happened. They lost 11 in a row, all in regulation, and of course with that they lost their 1st place spot in the standings and fell out of the playoff picture. As of late, they did just go 5-1-4, so they are starting to gain momentum, but it's a long road to go towards the end of the season.


What Calgary Wranglers are we going to get from here on out? They've shown their colours in both winning and losing fashion, so it's a guess for anyone to what happens next. One thing is for sure, and it's that Saku Kotkakoivu believes in this team....


"We have had our ups and downs, but I think when it comes down to it, we're ready to push and have a playoff run. We all believe in ourselves on this team and I don't think a single guy in that locker room has any doubts. We got all our big losing out of the way already [laughs] so I think we're primed to perform how we think we can in this back half of the season." - Saku


Teams need to be well balanced in all categories if they are to win it all, and Calgary have the pieces to make that happen. It's just a case of whether or not they can string some games together and have a go at it.

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