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Success of Brendan Marner Interview


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*Meeting Brendan Marner coming out from the game last night, seemingly happy and excited about the recent success. *


Marner, you have been hot recently, what have you changed?


“I have been feeling better than ever, I have been working on improving but I have felt like I have reached my limits here in the VHLE. I feel like there is room to improve on the scoresheet, but I feel like I have gotten to a new level in hockey and need to be put into the next stage in my career, I feel I am ready for the VHL. I have clearly improved from last season, I think a major reason for that is that I have settled here in Europe a lot more, and the homesick I felt last year is over, this is my home and my next will be Warsaw. With that being said, I love it, I am feeling great and playing great.”


How do you feel about your team right now? Any improvements to be made?


“Honestly, I did not expect this team to be doing so well this year, I thought we would be closer to a rebuild than anything. However, I am happy about our success, I think the team has connected greatly and the ones who bet against us are now biting the bullet and are about to be very wrong about where we end up. I am not so happy about the standings, because our division is strong, we are not in the playoffs right now, but in the league, we are 4th out of the 8 teams and only 1 point away from 3rd, however our division is so strong we are actually 4 points away from making the playoffs and that just doesn’t seem fair. Many teammates had the same opinion; however, it is what it is right now, we are just going to need to work much harder to get there. As for improvements, I see that a really good backup has started playing for us, however he in not on our roster list, he is a great goalie, but I’m unsure if he is actually ours. I think he is just getting settled in, so his save percentage isn’t the best, but he has lots of time to improve. I think he also has potential to be our starter, but we need to go with what works for now. I think the only real improvement would be another defensive star, but that is kind of hard to find, and that is not much of a need for us, we really do have a good team now. I think our GM has just done a great job on this team.”


Are you upset that the Watchmen have much more success than you? Do you think their team is better without you?


“Shut up, any team would be luck to have me, unlike the company that holds your contract, the teams that hold my contract loves me. However, the Watchmen have improved a lot over the past year, but with the decent picks they had, and the core improving as well, it is clear that they were going to be beasts this year. I think they will lose to us in the end, but its definitely a good team. Yes, I am a little bit upset about the success as the Gladiators haven’t gotten there yet, but I really think we have a good chance at beating them whenever we meet them. I honestly only care about making the playoffs, the rest means nothing to me, once we get to the playoffs, I just know we will be the best team there is, I know we will win the cup. That’s really all that matters.”


Looking at your World Juniors, you played really well, is this where you think you started improving?


“Yes actually, I was really homesick and that was when I went back home to see my family, and somehow, I was pushed to be ready for that tournament, and I was ready to play anywhere. Without that tournament I don’t think my confidence would have come back, I think with the teammates, family, and that coaching staff, it brought me back to life, and brought back my love for hockey, and to become the next star.”


After the big contract signing last year, it was brought to my attention you have not spent much of the money, any plans with that?


“Firstly, how did you get that information, it seems like a sever invasion of privacy, however, I have not looked into that too much, I have been looking at some of the charity work going on in the VHL right now, and I am looking to join. That is the biggest thing I am currently watching; I really am unsure what to get with these contracts. I have some ideas but most of them seem really expensive to be honest.”


How are the investigations going? Do you have any new details you would like to share?


“Nothing new, it seemed to have stopped after I gave some of the people, and police involved some good hard-earned cash, nothing crazy, I think some of my actions might be odd but who cares? I don’t care, and I think the majority of people don’t want to hate me they love me, right?”


Not really most people dislike you man, just look anywhere, it is all over the news.


“I will beat who ever said that I don’t care, I am the most loved player in the VHL. Its simple.”


I will mention that there are articles coming out about you, but it is now relaxing as no new stories have broken, is it fair to say that you have become more respectable, and stopped all of the inappropriate substances as you are playing in the VHLE?


“I have no idea what you’re talking about, I would never do anything that is against the rules…”

So, you have never played high or drunk?


“What? Why would you even question that? I’m drunk right now.”



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Fun article! I like the questions and the little intro, they make the interview feel like a proper hockey interview, and you also have some fun with it at the end, I like it! Perhaps the answers on some parts could be more ''roleplay-like'', for example, the talk about the backup could be more directly about the backup, throw the name in there and talk directly about the backup. I like the structure of the article. The font is bigger than normal, I think. I like that as well, it made the article easy to read. A picture could be a decent addition. Nice work!

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Review: 9/10


I enjoyed it! Think the way you wrote it made for a fun back and forth, like a real interview would be. None of the answers dragged on too long either, which made it a breezy read from beginning to end. I appreciated the bolding to put the interviewer's words apart, though I wouldn't have minded a photo or a lead image to make it seem more like a real piece. Only other thing I'd say is just another read through before posting would help, just some small errors like the one question's formatting being off and "any team would be luck to have me". But all in all, good piece!

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