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With the VHL charity taking over this December, it is seemingly more and more successful. Without any numbers or goal counters that I can find, it is unknown what the league is currently at, however between the simple donations to get a free week, and the bids for certain objects and services, it is obviously very successful. The auction items seem very interesting too, with Jardys underwear already reaching 30$ how much more can this reach? With that being only one of the 2 pages of auctions, what is the total donations just from auctions right now? And what will it end to be? It is a very exciting time to be apart of the VHL and it is time to give back to the community! I like the support that is given through this rough time and didn’t expect so many bids, donations, and even auction suggestions, it is just nice to see after what the world has went through. With so many different opportunities to get raffles tickets, tpe, and old underwear, it is quite a thrilling end to the year.

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