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Starfleet Academy - Athletics Department: James Teekirque Personnel File


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James Teekirque was admitted to Starfleet Academy in 2252. Shortly after his admission, coach Pike invited him to join the Academy hockey team, the Ensigns. The Ensigns were coming off of three consecutive first-round playoff defeats at the hands of the Romulan team, the Disruptors. Though Teekirque had next to no experience playing hockey at a competitive level, Pike predicted that his athleticism, leadership and competitive nature would be valuable assets nonetheless, and Teekirque would quickly pick up the game. Using an obscure injury exemption rule, dating before the introduction of medical devices, such as dermal regenerators and osteopathic stimulators, Teekirque was declared a "Red Shirt" for his first year, and unable participate in games, but able to practice and learn hockey at a competitive level, while preserving his eligibility. The Ensigns would fall to the Klingon team, the Bat'leths, in the opening round of the playoffs.


The off-season was intense. Teekirque made extensive use of holographic simulations to practice in-game scenarios. Legendarily, he defeated the Kobayashi Maru scenario, wherein two defensemen are given five minute majors and ejected, leaving the team to kill a five minute five on three power play. There was some controversy around this, as Teekirque clandestinely modified the simulation to ensure his victory.


Teekirque burst into the scene like a crustacean in heat, his redshirt freshman year. Controversially, Pike named the rookie an Alternate Captain. Teekirque responded by leading all Ensign defensemen in points and winning rookie of the year. The Ensigns shocked the first-place Cardassian Guls, taking them down in five games before losing a hard-fought seven game series to none other than the Romulans, in the semi-finals.


The 2254 season Teekirque led the Ensigns in scoring as they finished first in the league for the first time in two decades. Teekirque took home the Cochrane Memorial Trophy for best defensemen. Then, it was on to business.

The first round of the playoffs saw Teekirque on the ice for zero goals against as the Ensigns finally got the monkey off their back and defeated the Romulans in six games. The semi finals saw them defeat the Cardassians in a controversial finish, where a fifth Cardassians goal would have tied the game. Ensigns fans declared at the sound of the final buzzer "there are four goals!"


In the finals, the Ensigns faced the Klingons. It was a series that would make Kahless smile, for six games. Before the seventh, a rogue fan, sworn to hatred of the Ensigns, exposed Teekirque's defensive partner and best friend, Spuck, to radioactive skates, rendering him unable to play. Teekirque was a man possessed on the ice, racking up two goals, an assist and eight shots as the Ensigns steamrolled the Bat'leths 6-2.

Following this performance, and much to Coach Pike's chagrin, Teekirque was recruited into the UFHD, which would eventually lead him to first contact with the VHL.



2253 - 40Gm - 8 Gs - 23As - 8+/-

2254 - 40Gm - 12Gs - 30As - 15 +/-



2253 - 12Gm - 4Gs - 10As - 8 +/-

2254 - 19Gm - 9Gs - 15As - 10 +/-

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