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a tale of two Brothers // Reunited...

Daniel Janser

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Swiss Central Gazzette (Marcel's stats/Daniel's stats)


Big games, big news. Our intrepid heroes played another four games a piece and further trade announcements. Please find our recap down below.


Marcel's  @Morcar8021st played the Marlins first and lost 2-1. The sole Halifax goal was scored by Hagel @jasplunds (Von Strangle, McMuffin) in power play after only 2:14 minutes played. The Marlins tied the game in power play early in the third period and took the match into overtime, where they succeed after a little more than three minutes played. The three stars were Xavier @Johnny_HX (1g/1a), Wilson @dustywilson22 (18 saves) and Young @Laflamme (1g/0a). On a very high level goaltender duel Wilson (.947) had the edge over Wumbo (.939). Halifax' power play lacked a bit of a punch (1/7), their penalty kill was decent (4/5).

Marcel logged 0g, 0a, -1, 2 PIM (Hooking, no effect on the score) and 3 hits


The second encounter was against the Houston Bulls and ended in a 6-0 defeat. The double Mikhail's (Lospenov and Kovalchuk) were involved in four of the six Texan goals. Therefore, it was no surprise that they were on the podium. 1st star was Lospenov @Gretzky didnt lift da puck (2g/2a), followed by Kovalchuk @Banackock (1g/3a) and Johnson @MrMonkey(1g/2a). Obviously Jarvinen @Collusionhad a shutout compared to Wumbo's rather underwhelming saving rate (.867). The special teams of the Nova Scotians were simply AWOL with the power play 0/3 and the box play 2/5.

Marcel was reported with 0g, 0a, -2, 2 PIM (Tripping, lead to a goal), 1 hit, 1sb


Marcel's final stats for the 21st are as follows:

38gp, 4g, 19a, 23pts, -27, 26 PIM, 47 hits, 65sb, 1gwg, 3ppg


After this defeat, Halifax' GM Minion @Minion opted for a trade and sent defender Marcel Janser, together with Captain Nic McMuffin @Ente2997 and a S82 6th round pick to Mississauga in exchange for a S82 1st and 4th round pick as well as a S83 1st and 5th round pick, clearly amassing assets for a rebuild. So Marcel is a Hound again, and plays for his brother, who is minority Owner of the franchise while playing in Norway.


Marcel's first game as a Hound was a 5-2 defeat against his last years' team, the Reapers. It took McMuffin (Bushtit, Zubov) exactly 20 seconds to score his first goal for his new club. However, the Philadelphians equalized the score before the intermission. In the second period, the Hounds went in front again with Brillant's @dart(Bob, McMuffin) power play goal. Alas, the Reapers scored four consecutive goals and bagged the win. The three stars were Jp @WhiskyJack (0g/2a), Kawaii @Thatsurfdude (1g/1a) and Ryan @freezyeh(1g/0a). Pearce @N0HBDY(.929) had the better of Arpa @16z (.833). The Hounds' power play was underwhelming (1/6) and the box play also had room for improvement (4/5).

Marcel had 0g, 0a, -1, 1 hit and 3sb to his name.


The next game was a 4-2 win against Saskatoon. The Wild were the first on the board and scored the only goal in the first period. But then Mississauga had three unanswered goals by Nine @NineIQ v2(Eli, Brillant), Eli (McMuffin, Nine) in power play and McMuffin (Nine, Bob) again on a man advantage. Saskatoon reduced the Hounds' lead to one when they scored early in the third, but Nine (Eli, Brillant) put the nail in the coffin, with less than five minutes left in the game. Nine (2g/2a), Eli (1g/2a) and Brillant (0g/2a) were given the spots in the lime light. The tendies had a mend day with Arpa (.857) having the upper hand over Dubnyk @ThatsGreissy(.800). The Ontario franchise's power play was good (2/5) and the penalty kill almost perfect (1/6).

Marcel achieved 0g, 0a, -1 and 2 PIM (Roughing, no effect on the score)


Daniel played with the Storm against Bratislava in a 6-5 win. The first period was a roller coaster with the teams taking turns to score. Oslo took this part of the game with a intermittent score of 3-2. Upton @OscarTheSwagDude (3rd, Chiang) in power play, Sprout @Liberty_Cabbage (Chiang) and Janser (Chiang, 3rd) in power play again were responsible for the one goal lead. The third goal was a Janser classic, deflecting Chiang's shot from the wing in mid-air into the net. The young Swiss was obviously pumping iron during the off-season, as he seems to be more able to stand his ground in the danger zone and is not easily removed from the slot. In the second period, the Storm bagged a brace with no goals for the Watchmen. Chiang @nurx(Sprout, Knale) and Sprout (Chiang) scored in the middle period for Oslo. Bratislave did not give the game lost and scored three goals in the last period. But since Chiang (Knale, Sprout) was not idle either, it was to no avail and the game was lost for the Slovakian team. Chiang (2g/4a), Blloyoiderson @Cxsquared (2g/3a) and Sprout (2g/2a) were named three stars of the match. Chiester @Donno100(.692) was relieved by Parise @Joker_TM (.882), while Fletcher @DragonFire420(.808) stayed on the ice for the whole match. The Storm's power play was decent (2/6) but they were not able to kill the one penalty against them (0/1).

Daniel had 1g, 0a, -1, 5 hits and 2sb


The second match was against Vasteras and ended in a 5-3 defeat. Janser (Pandora) scored the first goal of the match and the only one in the first period. In the second period, the Norse team followed up with two back-to-back goals by Sprout (Knale, Pandora) and Pandora @PandaBearD25 (Sprout, Knale). But then desaster struck and the Storm simply collapsed, allowing five consecutive goals in the process (the last one into the empty net). The three stars were Hunter @dshervill (3g/1a), Blugers @bukss_a (1g/2a) and Pandora (1g/2a). Byrne @teknonym (.935) whooped Fletcher's (.886) arse. Oslo's power play was rather on the weak side (1/8) while the penalty kill was alright (5/6).

Daniel noted 1g, 0a, -1, 2 PIM (Interference, no effect on the score), 3 hits and 1sb


In the rematch, Storm was out for a vengeance and vengeance they got with a 6-2 win against the defending champion. Oslo had four goals by Chiang (Sprout), Sprout (Knale, Chiang) in power play, Sprout (Pandora) with a shorthander and Sprout (Knale) this time with an even strength goal, before the Iron Eagles decided to show up for the match. The scored two consecutive goals, but in the third Oslo sealed the deal with a power play brace by Sprout (Pandora, Chiang) and Chiang (Pandora, Knale). Sprout (4g/1a), Chiang (2g/2a) and Knale (0g/3a) were given the honours of the three stars of the night. Fletcher (.926) had Byrne's (.889) as well as his backup's (.733) number. The Norvegian's power play was extra ordinary (3/6) and their penalty kill beyond perfect as they did not only not allow a single goal (3/3) but even scored one during a one man disadvantage.

Daniel recorded 0g, 0a, -1 and 2 hits


The scheduler must have thought that three is a charm as the Storm faced the Eagles a third time in a row, this time with a hard fought 5-4 win. Vasteras was first on the board with barely seven minutes played. Alas, before the first horn, 3rd @Jeffie43 scored a brace, the first one on a Hail Mary pass across the ice from Janser who got the biscuit from Upton, and the second one on a text book transition after Janser won the puck, passed it to Pandora, which in turn one-touched it to 3rd who only had the empty net in front of him as the netminder was to slow to slide across. After 27:07 minutes played, Janser hammered the puck bar down after a pass from Upton. No other goal was scored during the second period. The final period started with a bang when Janser won the face-off, Pandora picked the puck up and saw the orphaned Upton in front of the net, who backhanded it above the netminders blocker. Vasteras closed the gap with two consecutive goals and were trailing by one, when Janser in a fit of energy and unusual display of skill skated across the rink, broke the defenders' ankles and sent the goalkeeper to the shop by doing the Forsberg. This was the game winning goal as the Eagles pulled on back later in the period but it was a day late and a dollar short and so the Storm remained victorious. Daniel (2g/3a) was named first star alongside fellow team mates 3rd (2g/1a) and Upton (1g/2a). Fletcher posted a .892 record while Byrne (1.000) and his backup (.792) shared the burden. Oslo's single power play was unsuccessful (0/1) and the penalty kill could have been better (1/3).

Daniel had 2g, 3a, +4 and 1 hit to his name.


The brothers' stats for the whole season as of now:

Marcel: 40gp, 4g, 19a, 23pts, -29, 28 PIM, 48 hits, 68sb, 1gwg, 3ppg

Daniel: 40gp, 16g, 28a, 44pts, -16, 50 PIM, 132 hits, 19sb, 3gwg, 4ppg 


Please stay tuned for further updates on the Swiss Hitmen's career.








GM 181: Halifax 21st vs. San Diego Marlins (vhlportal.com)

GM 186: Houston Bulls vs. Halifax 21st (vhlportal.com)

GM 193: Philadelphia Reapers vs. Mississauga Hounds (vhlportal.com)

GM 196: Mississauga Hounds vs. Saskatoon Wild (vhlportal.com)

GM 147: Bratislava Watchmen vs. Oslo Storm (vhlportal.com)

GM 152: Oslo Storm vs. Vasteras Iron Eagles (vhlportal.com)

GM 156: Vasteras Iron Eagles vs. Oslo Storm (vhlportal.com)

GM 160: Vasteras Iron Eagles vs. Oslo Storm (vhlportal.com)


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