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Mikey Blade Retires


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No words can explain how much fun I HAD with this guy. Yes, HAD. I cannot stand him now, I don't even feel like logging on some days because I'm just very unimpressed. He was a VHLM stud but it never translated. One bogus good season couldn't keep my interest level at all. 


Will be re-creating. 

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Ya sucks that he couldn't stay up at that 100 point season plateau.  One of the things that I like about STHS or the VHL in general is just like real life you can put in a ton of work/effort and sometimes it just doesn't pan out.  Sure it always sucks when things don't go our way team success, individual success, or whatever but that random luck element makes it more realistic.  Hopefully you have more success next time and also hopefully we can win him a cup this season.

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