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Victim #1

Da Trifecta

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Klaus made haste of claiming his first victim since his announcement to join the VHLM. It quickly turned to night and he went out on the hunt. Being a vampire, if he doesn't get blood into his system, he could die quickly. So he went out and found a very delicate young lady. He decided to have a little fun with her first. He walked up behind her and touched her shoulder. She turned and screamed of course but he greeted her and apologized. He asked her if he could take her to grab a cup of coffee real quick. She agreed to it and he knew at that moment that he had her hooked. They walked to the nearest coffee shop and they got something to drink. After they had finished up, Klaus offered to walk her home so she didn't have to walk alone in the dark. She replied yes and they started walking. They passed by a dark alley and it was there that he grabbed her and threw her in the alley. He quickly ran behind her and started to sink his fangs into her. He drained as much blood as he could then told her "You will forget this happened and run home". He vanished and she ade haste to run home.

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