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20 Goal Season - Sigard Petrenko

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SEATTLE - After reflecting and saying he needed to be better at the beginning of the season, Sigard finally hit the 20 goal mark in a single season. The winger has been playing for 3 Victory Hockey League seasons, this one being his third, but could not seem to put up 20+ goals in a single season like he could in the minors. However, being paired with Taro Tsujimoto as well as Vinny Detroit or Justin Lose, he has seen career highs in terms of his offensive stats. He is well past his former career best of 47 points in a season. Breaking the 60 point mark, Sigard seems to be happy but not yet completely satisfied with this mark.


“I really won the lottery being able to play with Tsujimoto. I mean, I love playing with all the guys on the team but playing with a seasoned veteran like Tsujimoto consistently has changed the game for me. I’m actually potting goals and contributing on the offensive end, which is a welcome change.” He said in a post conference after hitting the 20 goal mark this season. “Of course, I’m proud of hitting my career best but in a league as competitive as the VHL, I gotta keep trying to get better, don’t I?”

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