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Menace Dream Team is the Team


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Definitely a very good graphic that is very intriguing with warm colors. This graphic has five different players with nice logo seals and high quality editing. Personally I am not the biggest fan of the white border line that I feel takes away some of the graphic. The text that’s above the graphic gives a old video game style vibe which I feel like that can create a lot of potential for other graphics.  I feel like the variety of jersey colors on the players also can trip me up a little. Overall a very good graphic that definitely had hard work put into it and a menace dream team, so I give it a 8/10

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Review Time


This is dope.  You made everything fit and looking in place perfectly.  That's no easy task to pull off.  All the renders and logo swap are excellent, no critique.  Nice touch with the black faced Emeritus too, glad you picked up on that and pulled it off.  The text placement, font choices and size are also excellent.  The aren't many effects that detract from the graphic, so tastefully done too.


Dude this a perfect 10.

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Review: Yessir, I love the Moscow Dream Team! I'm impressed by the detail you've put into this, I like the player effects on the graphic and the logo swaps are done extremely well. The font and the border around the font are nice touches and enhance the artwork. I also like the little VHL patch you put on Markinson's jersey. Overall, the blend of colors are good and the whole graphic altogether is visually appealing, well done! Overall: 9.5/10

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