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Rhynex Entertainment's VHL Dream Team

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VHL Dream Team


This will be my first time actually writing an article for theme week. As most know, I'm still very new to the VHL dream, with AirRig being only my second player ever. Now with my lack of knowledge and history of the league know was the VHL, please bear witness to my VHL Dream Team (starting line up) that I had wanted to have experienced in my first play through with Rhynex Entertainment.


Starting Forwards


LW - Chris Reynolds @Crstats23


Chris Reynolds, a member of the  infamous S74 VHLM RER (or CRG) line of the Las Vegas Aces. Chris was the stable of the power trio in the Super S74 VHLM line, which saw the line combine for 152 goals and 356 points during the regular season of S74. Chris remained an all around star player in the VHL in his veteran seasons with the Warsaw Predators, notching three 100+ point seasons and three 40+ goal seasons, including a spectacular 60 goal, 76 assist, 136 points season in S81, Chris' final, retirement season. Chris Reynolds was the middle point man of the power trio, whom was both a goal scorer and an assister. The power forward of the power trio line.


C - Rhynex Entertainment @Rhynex Entertainment


Rhynex Entertainment, a member of the infamous S74 VHLM RER (or CRG) line of the Las Vegas Aces. Rhynex was an all around player and elite playmaker and face-off specialists of the power trio in the Super S74 VHLM line. As a former Vladimir Boomchenko Trophy winner, and a career better than a point per game player in the VHL, Rhynex was a formidable Center whom played for a bottom seated New York Americans team. Rhynex was a career 30+ goal scorer in the VHL (where he has scored more than 30 goals in each of his 7 VHL seasons), which included a formidable 63 goals, 64 assists, 127 points season in his final, retirement season in S81 of the VHL. The playmaker of the power trio line.


RW - Gary Rush @G_Rush


Gary Rush, the last player to be mentioned from the infamous S74 VHLM RER (or CRG) line of the Las Vegas Aces. Gary was an all around player and a masterful goal scorer of the power trio in the Super S74 VHLM line. While Gary's game did not translate properly into the VHL, Gary was an incredible offensive stud while playing on Rhynex Entertainment's wing during his three seasons playing together with the New York Americans, where Gary had his career highs during those three seasons. Gary was the goal scorer in the power trio line, whom showed his scoring ability with winning the Ethan Osborne Trophy in that season. The goal scorer of the power trio line.


The decision to go with a starting forwards line up of:

Chris Reynolds - Rhynex Entertainment - Gary Rush


came with the incredible results of the S74 VHLM season. The continual success of S75 - S77 in the VHL for Gary Rush and Rhynex Entertainment while they played together with the New York Americans also gave off an intriguing aura and idea of what could have been if all three players were playing together during their VHL careers.


Gary rush:

77 (NYA) 72 26 53 79                
76 (NYA) 72 34 64 98                
75 (NYA) 72 36 49 85                



Rhynex Entertainment:

77 (NYA) 72 32 51 83                
76 (NYA) 72 44 53 97                
75 (NYA) 72 35 54 89                



The remainder of the starting line up for my Dream Team are players whom I wanted to play with during my VHL career with Rhynex Entertainment.


Starting Defence


D - Alex Letang @Spartan


The first defence person I've wanted Rhynex Entertainment to have played with during his VHL tenure was Alex Letang. Alex Letang was a formidable offensive defenseman whom had a very nice two-way game. As a superstar playmaker and former Vladimir Boomchenko Trophy winner who had 94 assists in the VHLM, Alex Letang's game translated nicely into the VHL as well. Perhaps coincidentally, Alex had his best season in the twilight of his career with 25 goals, 94 assists, 119 points in his final, retirement season. Considering @Spartan was the person who "found" @Rhynex Entertainment and could be considered as my first teacher in the VHL server, I have always been intrigued with the idea of playing on the same team.


D - Jiggly Gumballs @JigglyGumballs


When you have so much offensive talent, you have to finish off the starting line up with a defensive superstar. Jiggly Gumballs certainly fit that category. Built to be a superb defensive defender, Jiggly was someone I've wanted to have on my team. Someone who I believe would be able to assist my team into being a contender and cup winner. As a prime example of a stay at home defender, we finally fill up the skaters of my Dream Team starting line up. (Non-)Coincidentally, both defenders were respectively the GM and AGM of the S74 VHLM Las Vegas Aces.


Starting Goaltender


G - Thadius "Swiss Cheese" Sales @thadthrasher


Now if you've played with Rhynex Entertainment, you'll know why I've chosen Mr. Swiss Cheese as my Dream Team starting goaltender. I've always known that Thadius was a stud netminder. Don't let his early career Swiss Cheese records with the New York Americans fool you. Thadius' incredible seasons with the Vancouver Wolves should certainly erase any negativity from his game. I've always believed that I would have the best chance in winning championships with Thadius Sales as my goaltender. Never had a doubt in Thadius' ability to make a timely save to win a game. Just simply from looking at Thadius Sales' 91.9% Save % seasons with the New York Americans should show that Swiss Cheese may not have been a well deserved nickname.



And here we have it. My VHL Dream Team starting line up, which consists of the line where I've seen my first ever and only (personal) award. Two defensive seniors whom I've wanted to play with throughout Rhynex entertainment's VHL career. And of course the Swiss Cheese goaltender. I believe the Power Trio forward line could most certainly had a chance to dominate in the VHL, along with the stud defensive pairing in Alex Letang and Jiggly Gumballs, and of course a (not so much) Swiss Cheese in net. It would most certainly have been a potentially very intriguing VHL team.


The Dream Team

LW Chris Reynolds - C Rhynex Entertainment - RW Gary Rush

D1 Alex Letang - D2 Jiggly Gumballs

G Thadius Sales



[Word count: 1,058]

[Claim for weeks ending 2022-02-27; 2022-03-13]



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