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The All-Decade Davos Lineup


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It's no secret--in my decade-plus as GM of Davos, I found very little success. I've written about it, you've memed about it. But is it still possible to dream it up with what I worked with in the 70s?


It's Sunday and I have other things to do, so we won't be dealing with one of my characteristic 500-word intros. What we will be dealing with, though, is theme week, because that's not quite over...


Players will be evaluated as follows:

-They must have spent at least half a career in Davos (some exceptions are made for players who moved out during their fourth season with the team), and;

-Placement will be based on overall performance with Davos specifically.


Because this is rushed, forgive me if I miss something stupidly obvious.





Taro Tsujimoto | S75 | C | @Gustav

I don't vote for myself for anything official on principle, but there's no harm in including Taro in an article that doesn't count for much. From S75-S81, Taro was either the hot new prospect or the seasoned vet, improving steadily in his first three seasons and never looking back--since his second season, he's never finished under 85 points! Rarely has he been at the very top of the league in any category, but he's currently in the top five in points and assists and won MVP in S80. A central piece to the Dynamo's recent playoff runs, he's managed to carve out a career that's earned him respect--he sits at 300 career goals and is 10 points away from 700.


Soren Jensen | S69 | LW | @Velevra

I was surprised to put Jensen on the list because his career was typically characterized by awful sim luck. In a full 8-season career, he put up 462 points (only 42 more than Garcia and as a forward the whole time), and in fact only had one season above point-per-game status in S75. But, by what's on the list above, we've got what we need. Jensen spent almost the entirety of the second half of his career with Davos, and while he didn't show up as much as he might have been expected to on the scoreboard, he was a contributor and a high-TPE player who at least raised our expectations on paper. Team curse aside, it's possible that his impact may have been somewhat unseen--he recorded a net +18 on teams that really weren't all that great, and recorded about as many goals as assists with Davos.


Luc Tessier | S78 | C | @KC15

Given how much Robin Winter and SS Hornet were supposed to end up doing in Davos in the early part of the decade, this one should be different as well. But sim luck is sim luck, and here we go to a player who dealt with bad sim luck in three of his four Davos seasons, rather than all of them. Last season, Davos' point leader was not Taro but Tessier, who put up a 106-point campaign en route to an almost-win of the Funk. It's also worth it to note that Tessier's time with Davos marked, well, basically my entire second competitive era, as the Dynamo would make the playoffs repeatedly with him as a rising star. He's now a well-recognized name around the league, and looks to continue to build off of recent success in Prague.





Reylynn Reinhart | S77 | @Ricer13

What? The winger for Calgary? That's right, also the defender for Davos. Reinhart came around to a great deal of acclaim in S77 as a player who promised long-term involvement, a team-friendly build, and a powerful earn rate, and lived up to all three as the centerpiece of Davos' blue line in the late '70s. With two seasons above 90 points and one above 100, Reinhart would eventually leave Davos and switch positions, but not before picking up both the Labatte and the Wylde in S80 and cementing a place as the Dynamo's top defensive player of the decade.


Tyler Walker | S73 | @Advantage

This list wouldn't quite be complete without acknowledging the presence of Walker (and ADV), a former GM of mine turned former player in the mid-70s. Coming to Davos in a trade from Malmo, Walker would spend almost four seasons with the team and be an absolute fantasy monster during that time--for potentially the wrong reasons. You see, Davos was going through a rebuild, and for a brief period of time I held onto Walker thinking we'd be out of it with plenty of time to spare. Long story short, that ended up not being entirely true, and I eventually moved him out--but not before he put up some super impressive defensive numbers and made quite a few fantasy people happy.





Kunibuni UnGuri | S75 | @Berocka

The longest-tenured non-Ahma player in Davos over the last decade is not Taro, who spent 7 seasons with the team, but UnGuri, who spent about 7.5. It would be wrong to pick anyone else, as the only other player who would even qualify here (Joakim Bruden) somewhat leveled off in #1A territory TPE-wise and spent parts of my first competitive era on the bench. But nonetheless, we can talk a bit about my only legitimate long-term #1 goaler and a solid AGM--though the sim luck never quite favored him, he saw Davos through thick and thin and currently has a chance at greater success prior to retirement in Seattle.



Theme week done...and TARO OUT. It's recreating time!

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