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(S84) G - Art Vandelay, TPE: 80


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Player Information

Username: Gustav

Player Name: Art Vandelay

Recruited From: Other (I AM ETERNAL)

Age: 33

Position: G

Height: 66 in.

Weight: 196 lbs.

Birthplace: United States of America

Player Page


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Miami already has two goalies, and one of them is capped, so I have a feeling you'll go towards other offers.


Nevertheless, good luck! Let's make S84 the greatest class ever

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  • Commissioner

@Gustav Looks like we hadn't changed the season number over yet (we do need to automate that but for now it's not) so we'll have to get your season and starting TPE fixed up. Ideally please avoid applying any TPE right now as it would just complicate matters but if you want to earn in the meantime that's fine. We should get it fixed early today.

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  • Josh changed the title to (S84) G - Art Vandelay, TPE: 80
15 hours ago, Zack said:

Hello. We can offer you a split starter role if you want to join Ottawa. Just quote this with a #GOLYNXGO if interested! Would be awesome to have you :)


Looks like that's all I got--but that's OK. I'm in!

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