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Carson Hound is Here


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Carson Hound is here. He will be looking for a VHLM team to join after he received his visa and traveled to North America.  After starting his career as a left winger, Carson made the move to the back two and hasn’t looked back since. Being one of the top rated players in Switzerland, he was getting advice from numerous sources, and wanting to play in the top hockey league in the world, decided to join its minor league. I don’t know much about the VHLM so I don’t have any team preferences and will suit up for anyone. My agency has produced many players in the past, but only one played in the VHL and ended up retiring early, so I hope to play a full career and become a well known player. To give a short description of my playing style, I am a physical force who became known for his ferocity on the ice. Offensively I am raw, but I have been working on my passing and my slap shot has always been top tier. I’m excited to show you guys my game, get ready.

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