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Bouchard, Pierre Emile


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Mistakes where made as his draft year is actually season 84

but hey makes for an interesting story line in the future right?


Pierre Emile Bouchard is actually a Junior by rights since he has been named after the famous Pierre Bouchard that played with the Montreal Canadiens through the 1970-1980`s; who is the son of Canadiens Hall of Fame defenseman; Emile (Butch) Bouchard. Key reason why Pierre Emile Bouchard would look to continue the strong family name tradition alive by playing hockey.



At this stage of his career, Pierre doesn`t really know what style of player he wants to develop into or emulate but with both his name sake and his father being bruise two-way defenders expect that this current young defender might continue the trend of big bruise defenders.



“I am not sure what style I am going to play yet.” Stated the tall man of a child. As Pierre already stands an impressive 6`4” and weighs in at 235lbs; which means he will need to really develop his skating to have any chance of the VHL teams taking him seriously. “You always want to help your team win and my job through my Junior career has been to move the puck up the ice quickly as possible while shutting down some of the best junior players in Canada.” Continued the stead defender coming out of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.



The last few hours have been a whirlwind for the Young Canadian defender as Free agency officially opened for new Season 84 drafted players; which Pierre is amongst the highly consider players to finish their junior careers. “Yes, I sat down with my agent this morning and looked at all the offers from the teams. It has been crazy to say the least since I really haven`t been paying attention to VHLM much as I was focused on completing my Junior Career.” Added the prospect defender.





Signing is one of the toughest choice in the VHLM, pick the wrong team

and be destined to play meaningless hockey. Pick a contender and history waits....


“I was considering a few teams with Halifax 21, Philadelphia Reapers (my dad played here), Huston Bulls and Saskatoon Wild. In the end the choice was difficult but also a very easy one since every player want to have a chance to go deep into the playoffs and have a chance to raise the cup. I won`t have control at the end of the season when I am drafted so this might be the best chance that I can get. I can play a supporting role while I learn the league and learn from very good developing players; which is why they are currently one of the best teams in the VHLM.” Stated the player when asked about signing with Saskatoon Wild early in the day.



Final thoughts; if Pierre Emile Bouchard develops anywhere near as good as his name sakes then this player is going to be a defender to watch in the future. The first step of the journey has begun today and no one knows what might lay ahead for this young man but we will be watching with interest.

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