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Analysis of VHLM Team Names Finale: Minnesota and Yukon


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The time has come to finish my analysis of the team of VHLM. Neither of these team may not exist anymore, but that doesn't mean that interesting nuggets of information should be dug up. The last of the minor teams of cold weather shall be understood. With that out of the way and the analysis machine ready to go, lets get into it


The Minnesota Storm is a team name that proves the some team names can travel with a culture and people. The Storm originally was founded in Oslo and was the only VHLM outside of North America. Thankfully, Minnesota has a strong Scandinavian heritage so a hockey team from that region was bound to have a strong following. This team name is most likely named for the Norse god of storms. Given how popular Norse  mythology has become recently, you can probably guess who he is. That being said, I would feel it would be right to talk about him in his native land next week. Couldn't have picked an American location for a Scandinavian hockey team than the hockey loving Minnesota. I hope the State of Hockey can get a VHL team very soon.


The Yukon Rush is another great team name with multiple local references. The first reference is to rushing downhill on a sled, skies, or a snowboard. The mountainous and sparsely populated Yukon Territory definitely would have the slopes and hills to do all of these winter sports staples. The second reference goes into history. The Klondike Gold Rush was a mass migration of about 100,000 gold prospectors to the Klondike River Valley of the Youkon Territory within three years. Alought brief, the gold rush would inspired popular media and changed the territory forever. This ia a great team name perfect for the region to the point that I an sad this team is no more.


My time analysis VHLM team names is over. My time with these team names themselves is not. Just as these team names promoted, I too will promote this article series into the VHLE. I shall start my time in the E by breaking down the same team and question if they work as well in the new league as they did in the old and whether or not they should be changed. All of this is comming next week so I will see you then. Thanks you guys for the support and #StandwithUkraine.


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3 hours ago, CowboyinAmerica said:

Before the Oslo Storm, the team was known for a (very) brief period as the Oslo Screamin' Seamen. I... wouldn't try and analyze that one.

It is probably best if that that name is forgotten by everyone.

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