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Ivan Retoslav - Junior Review


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Ivan Retoslav Junior Review

Ivan Retoslav was born to a middle class family in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. When he was 3 he watched his first ever VHLM game on TV and fell in love with the league, he begged his parents to sign him up for the local hockey program and he instantly set to work. According to his parents, they had never seen a kid work so hard at something in their life. By the age of 13 he was already on his local AAA team. His coaches pushed him hard and he was all the better for it. The young Russian was thrown into the spotlight in Russia and into the eyes of VHL scouts at the age of 14 after a game where he had 7 points (3 goals, 4 assists) and lead his team to their 3rd championship in a row. By the end of the season, he had put up numbers never before seen in that league, an astounding 45 goals, 71 assists and 116 points in 66 games. This drew him the attention of multiple VHLM teams, that attention only grew when he participated in the JST and managed 8 points in 12 games playing against players heading into the VHLE next season. Before the draft, Retoslav was contacted by the Ottawa Lynx, Las Vegas Aces, San Diego Marlins and Philadelphia Reapers. He was projected as a mid 3rd round pick, but when the draft happened everyone was stunned as he was selected just 17th overall by San Diego. Pro scouts noted his pros and cons, those are listed below:



- Faceoffs - Retoslav has focused a massive amount into winning possession for his team, in his final season for his AAA team he had a FO% of 78.65%. Those numbers are untouchable for the average center.

- Offensive Awareness - Retoslav has shown that he can tell where his teammates are without even looking at them, his awareness is among the best seen in recent draft classes.

- Shooting - Retoslav has an amazing shot, and he finishes often when he uses it.



- Physicality - Although he comes in at a massive 6ft 2in and 225 lbs, Retoslav is not very physical. Most of that weight is muscle but that muscle tends to be in his legs, carrying his speed and agility.

- Discipline - Despite putting up 116 points in his U15 season, he also managed 45 PIM in the same span, If a team does want him, they will have to worry about him spending too much time in the box. Although that may be offset by him putting in a goal or two first.



Ivan Retoslav is no doubt one of the top prospects for the S83 entry draft, and is projected to go between 10th and 15th overall. He is a very prominent figure and has a very good public image. Retoslav is a good all around player and whatever team picks him is going to get a good centerman that can put up points and is not afraid to sacrifice his body.


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