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London records and fantasy pick

Mr Bohannan

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Against all imagination, Matt is doing super good in his rookie season in VHL and that is due to his perfect line chemistry with Zaza and Godlander who are doing as exceptionally as Matt is. All three players are in Top3 position in the rookie rankings with Matt and Godlander not only being top 10 players in the league, but steadily gaining higher and higher positions on all time best rookie seasons with several games still left. Knowing that a lot of people are playing fantasy league Matt was actually wondering how many people expected him to do so well and did anyone even picked him for his fantasy. It would be kind of a safe assumption that no one did, because it is very doubtful that anyone would think that Matt would do so well and be a top10 player in the league in his rookie season. Nonetheless the inner rivalry with Godlander is still going on as they both are fighting neck by neck. Seems like Godlander is more known between the VHL fan base as he was chosen to play in all-star game while Matt was not, but Matt is not bothered about it. All the focus is on growing as a player and as a team mate.

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