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Review: Once again, another amazing graphic by you. The consistent different shades of cool blue colours highlighted in the graphic give a pleasant vibe to the graphic and are easy on the eyes. Not only that, but the font overlap on the player has been done perfectly, the "Toronto Legion" on the bottom of the name could've been made a tad bit bigger to stand out more but it's a very minor thing. Overall, it's once again, an astonishing graphic put out by you. You seem to have a natural talent at this. Overall, I would give this piece a 9.5/10

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I like what you have going on here.  Your color scheme seems very cohesive and appropriate for Toronto.  Your choice of render is effective.  Both show intensity.  Also the way the renders face opposite one another tends to draw ones attention to the center and the name.  In terms of suggestions, firstly I think you should work on the text a bit.  Your player's name tends to get a bit lost in the background.  Also the team name could be a bit larger.  Overall I like this 8.5/10

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