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Ed Nu Istanbul Sig

Masu Chan

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Review: Hella solid graphic and I think it looks absolutely great! The logo swap is clean and I really like how it pretty much fits the angle that the player render is at. Love to see the use of the same shades of the one colour in a way that makes each shade just feel individual. The shapes in the background are great and act as a unique spotlight on the render. I absolutely love how cool maroon and the different reds you use help separate the goalie render from the background. My only real complaints are the text is sort of random feeling and I wish the render was bigger. Other than that, this is sick! 8.5/10

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Straight up you can tell that graphics is not something you do and this was your attempt on one. Taking in consideration your level of skill I have to say that the piece is actually solid. You have taken in consideration several things to make the piece to look clean and smooth. Added a little background effect, nothing too much, just the right amount. Experimented with some additional things like the shapes behind the goalie which is a good touch. Text maybe is not the greatest, but not the worst case. Good job.


Rating: 7/10

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