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If hybrid build was in this season

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This is the last season we will ever have the usual builds. From next season on we should expect some VHLE tier builds...or something slightly better than that if you have lots of TPE. It will be very interesting to see who can adjust better and faster to this new era. That relates to both parties, players and GM's. I feel like VHLM is going to be a crapshoot. Every team that has couple 100 TPE players at least should be considered as the contender from that moment on. Anyways, let's go back to VHL because I'm managing one of their teams. Yesterday I was wondering if this change came a season earlier. My theory is that high TPE players will matter since they have a better chance to make a decent build (like some early 90's and things). Who knows if this is true cause STHS is still random as hell. But let's just go off that and see what's up.





If my theory would be right, Calgary might end up as the most unlucky team here. For so many seasons they hoarded high end talent TPE wise, but their forward chemistry was rather uninspiring. With this change, I see them being one of NA's powerhouse as they have dozens of high TPE guys all over place. They don't have a 4th defenseman, but I'd assume that wouldn't be a hell of a problem. Now that I'm hearing rumors that Ricer is contemplating to sell following this season....maybe one more try? At the end of the day, feels like Calgary was ahead of their time which certainly isn't the best scenario for the only team from Alberta. It isn't NHL, you know.




Nothing changes here. Still a huge bottom feeder. Sunrise is the only one with something better than VHLM level, but it's obviously not enough. Not that Jeff would care in this case either. The only thing is, we won't see Creed-esque seasons with 450 shot blocks per season all the time anymore.




They do have more players, but with this change these sub 400 TPE players would matter less so I don't see them being much better than Chicago. Maybe not better at all. Vidot is the only halfway decent player, but it doesn't saves them from an ugly record.




They had Tessier and Unguri at the start of the season. Add Tavau to this and we have have a fairly ok team. Nothing extraordinary, but still with a shot at the playoffs. But as we are still in the usual meta build era, they decided to sell former two and they're only left with Ahma as the only decent option. Better team than DC and Chicago, but certainly not a playoff team.




Actually, there is no real change comparing to the current times. Before the trade they were a team with a decent offensive potential with a great goaltending that was getting overshadowed by a huge weakness at defense. Only change is the hole at defense would be even bigger. Now that Johnston is gone, this team is somewhat alright with a shot at the wildcard. That would be their ceiling.





Now this is an interesting one. London is a team that is relying a lot on the popular low pass buildup to emerge as the top gun of Europe. However, with this change they are suddenly becoming rather mediocre. The most of roster is emerging, but I don't feel they would be quite there yet. Fizzlebeef is the only interesting peace there imo. Maybe there is still a way to be a big shot due to no glaring weakness (maybe outside of the goaltending maybe), but I'm just not feeling them. Probably the 6th team in Europe.




I think they wouldn't lose much from this buildup change. They do have couple of high TPE players that would be enough to keep LA at the top or somewhere around it. They had a weakness at defensive depth before this trade deadline. And while DeGrooth isn't exactly the savior, a player is still better than bot. Surefire TOP 3 in NA in my opinion.




A team that probably had a better chance to make a noise in regular season with new changes. Most of high TPE players are actually struggling now, but the new change would turn this into the parallel universe. High TPE players are producing, lower ones are being fairly decent, but not leading force. Minion has to enjoy this season while it lasts, cause there is a chance he will never have anything like that anymore. As for the team with this change - lurking around with the chance at the ultimate glory.




This team is fighting for the last wildcard spot...what the fuck??? With this change or without it, they should've been way bigger than that, but here we are. In the new era I think Moscow is one of the biggest favorites to win it all. Just look at the high end talent they have now. The depth is kinda eh, but I think it won't matter a lot there. They will just destroy most of teams by their superstars alone. Surefire league's TOP 3 at least.




Just like Chicago and DC, there is no change. Still a 6th NA team. Welch is surely a good player, but anything else is very average to bottom liner tier guys. Maybe they offense the very slightly better than DC has. Hence they are still sixth.




I was curious to see how is this roster going to play out as they had a high passing setup for the most part. 68 games later, they are enjoying one of the best season in their franchise history. You know what could've been better for them? This hybrid change. Like, they don't have any very elite talent (outside of Reinhart), but lots of very solid guys would keep them at the similar place they have right now. I think they'd be the biggest threat for Moscow in the EU conference.




I feel like in pre-Johnston times we would've been a decent team with the lack of superstar forward lineup. Miklavz could've been actually a star there with DaMoose and Tallinder being somewhat close to good. Adding Johnston puts this team closer to the EU top although there is a question whether Reinhart would hold it in the net. Still, I see Riga being in same tier as Malmo - slightly lower than Moscow and Prague, but capable of beating both of them.




Before this season I was thinking their power triangle Jubis-Lose-Gus would bail out this team from mediocricy. Well, Gus is about to win the MVP. The other two have been good, but not exceptional. Well, with this change...things would change for this team a bit. For the better. First off, this all of this power tringle would be real game changer. But also Detroit and Petrenko would matter more as well. Plus they added Berocka's goalie. Looks like a strong candidate for the championship, unlike now.




A team that wouldn't have changed their position in either scenario. Peace and Matty are still their main meal ticket, but a defense would be worse so I'm seeing them having a really mediocre record. Still enough for the 5th place, but no real chances at surprising the world as they did last season.




Well, Cow's Reinhart would still be good. Also great goaltending. Other than that, couple of players that are emerging as future superstars and a bit questionable forward depth. A fairly solid team, but certainly not as dominant as they have been for the past 2.5 seasons for now. I guess...meta is indeed done. This is their last chance to have such domiance and three peat as well. Not getting it would suck for them big time.




You know which team has also the last chance to do something useful? Look at this team. For the past three seasons they managed to be in the playoff race while not even trying hard for that. Their roster has always been meh on paper, but the heavy scoring based roster was able to capitilize on this meta timeline. However, with this change they are moving towards medicore teritorry. Trunov is the man here and couple of rising souls at offense. Other than that, nothing that could elevate this team from being mid. Not even Chicken Wing, I'd assume. This season is truly the last chance for them.



Alright now, the article is about to be done as I want to eat and 3 weeks of 6 TPE is enough I think. I'm not sure how is the league going to shape up after this change, to be honest. My theory is just a theory, but STHS still remains random so for real, who knows. I'm just hoping Riga can move into this era without much problems and be one of top dogs in the league as the we were supposed to be after the S75 draft.


That's it and I'm out.


claiming for 3 weeks

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