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Zamboni jokes with the Payne Train


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The invitation was on a folded game program Rico Zamboni found during the latest Bratislava game.  He thought it would be entertaining to have the team doctor give to Brian Payne, the tough defenseman.  The invitation was cryptic, and Rico persuaded the popcorn gal to seal it with a kiss, leaving her lipstick all over the program.  The team doc handed it to Payne and could barely keep a straight face when he reminded Payne that his last dose to help him with his latest STD was only yesterday.


Payne was puzzled at the invitation but couldn’t resist.  He showed Bo Johanssen, the defensive star on the Watchmen.  Bojo read it out loud for all the team to hear it.  “Dearest Brian, please join me at the SubClub for the wildest night of your dreams.  Love Svetlana.  Call me at +421 2 544 111 83.”  Bojo, who was in on the joke by Rico, quickly convinced Payne he needed a wingman and Johanssen was just the guy.  They planned for an evening on the town where Brian Payne would meet his dream girl.


Bojo drove over to Payne’s flat and fell on the floor laughing when Payne met him at the door wearing a lime green leisure suit.  Payne was ready to show off his dancing skills as he does his fighting skills on the ice for the Bratislava Watchmen.  Bojo had to turn his head; however, when he caught a whiff of the cologne Payne had plastered on his body.  “Geez Payne Train, you smell like midnight pasture.”  Brian Payne replied, “What?  Chicks dig it.”  They made their way to the popular night club and could hear the techno beat slamming against the walls from a block away.  When Payne entered the club, the spotlight zeroed in on his bald dome, the music turned off, and his teammates yelled in unison, “Surprise”. Brian Payne was stunned, but somewhat disappointed he wouldn’t be meeting Svetlana, the beautiful blonde actress who is often invited to the E League games.  Payne was handed his favorite drink, a white claw.  He sat at the VIP couch and was met by the 84 year old ice resurface expert, Rico Zamboni.


Zamboni presented Brian Payne with the “Most Improved Player” award for the Bratislava Watchmen.  Zamboni provided Payne with scores of valuable advice for him to succeed in the VHL.  “Kid, you have to build your abilities for the team.  You can’t expect to contribute every day with assists and goals, you have to be consistent and do what you are paid to do.  Put your TPE where it helps the team.”  Zamboni encouraged Payne to follow in the footsteps of his teammate Bo Johanssen and he will surely succeed, but if the tries to do things on his own, he will quickly find out he’s taken the wrong path.  Zamboni ended his visit with the Bratislava team by given some information on the low down regarding the league.  He told the team that Vancouver is at the end of their meta and next season will surely be something to remember.


Rico Zamboni is currently touring the VHL, VHLE, and VHLM.  He will likely spend another week in Bratislava before heading to another club and city, where he will likely provide some sound advice.


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Bo can confirm that the Payne Train's dancing skills were every bit as sharp and polished as his fighting skills have been for Bratislava this season.😅


Though as we found out last sim, Mr.Payne was simply waiting for game 69 to happen, as he had 3 massive points in that game and now no longer sit at the bottom of the ESP/20 board for the Watchmen. Maybe this is the beginning of his famed playoff dominance from last season? Only time will tell.

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