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#AsktheBouch: Playoffs (random thoughts)


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Here we are with more random thoughts but this is a bit different with a career coming to an end and a new career starting for the Bouchard Family; but hey this has allowed us to continue using the #AsktheBouch tagline for at least another eight seasons. Really though this should most likely be changed to #Agentduhduh or something catch like that. Either way here are some more random thoughts and first of a new VHL generation:


Very Good Career!!

Today was the last VHL career regular season game played by Robert Bouchard of the Prague Phantoms. Yeah, most will say who? He played all his games for Prague and never once really dominated the league but if I may say so has been a key aspect of the Prague Phantoms for the past seven years. He will finish his career as Prague second all-time scorer, first all-time assist and second all-time points. This done clearly as dominate two-way center with +115 plus/minus. Either way it was a very good career for a first generational player but …………..


Playoffs:  VHLM

Pierre Emile Bouchard joined the Saskatoon Wild as he wanted a chance to win and starting in a few days all this will come to head as the VHLM playoffs or Founder`s Cup Playoffs start. Saskatoon has the second rank team heading into the playoff and means they don`t have the easiest path to the finals as they play the seventh ranked Aces before having to go through most likely Philadelphia or Ottawa two very good teams. Expect at least one upset in the first round so I will be watching the Philadelphia – Miami series and the Ottawa-Mexico series closely as this is most likely where the first-round upsets are likely to come from. Either way Lets start the fun!!


Playoffs: VHL

Prague surprised many after they started the season with a losing record but they bounced back to finish second in the European conference but this means that they will face former teammate in Battre Sandstrom and I am calling this right now. Prague will lose in the first round since this horrible trade is destined to haunt the team. I also picked Moscow to actually win the European Conference this year and they somehow snuck into the Wildcard series so I am predicting a wild European Playoff with Moscow over Malmo in the Wildcard series and I am also going to be bold and say they upset London in the first round playoff series. Setting up an Riga – Moscow; European Conference finals. I hope I am wrong and Prague makes the European Conference Finals but you have seen my prediction already above.


Western Conference – Who cares as you have two Meta teams in Vancouver and LA so hopefully, they do enough damage to each other in the Western Final so that whomever comes out of European Conference even has a chance. Sadly, our closest Meta team is London; whom I am projecting to lose to Moscow so the Victory Cup will be claimed by Vancouver or LA either way.  

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1 hour ago, v.2 said:

how is LA meta?

It’s been common for awhile now to call anything meta if you just don’t like that it was successful.

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