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This is an unreal signature. Perfectly executed jersey swap, nailed the text / font combo (O with the crosshair is a sick touch). Big fan of your unique style, I'm extremely curious of the techniques  you use to create  signatures like this with so much grain / grit. The color combination chosen with that grainy style (pink / blue / green) works surprisingly well. It's hard to have any critiques or suggestions of this to be honest. Maybe that the white soft brush lighting portion on normal blend could have been set a bit less, and a grey color dodge brush added to make the lighting a tiny bit less washed. But at the same time, I can see that adding any color dodge lighting to the face of this sig could set it off the exposure charts, so what you have is probably best.



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This is nasty. I love it. I think your Helsinki sigs are the best - I don't think anyone can JC them like you, and you work so well with blues and complementary cool colors. The Pearce text is stunning, I absolutely love it. The sharpness matches the rest of the sig and just pops out so nicely. The Nico text looks like you did it with the brush lol. The effects are next level - keeping with your style, and pushing it even further. I love the feel on the top right where it almost feels like the sig is bleeding out. Overall such a nice sig, and it's one of my fav's from you! 10/10

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Very interesting approach to the signature and definitely unique compared to what we usually see, but unfortunately, this specific signature, is not for my taste. All the sharpened and whatever effect all over the signature is bit too much for me. I kinda feel like a little bit of the effect could be fine, but because it's all over the signature, Im not a fan. The only thing that caught my eyes and I found to be cool was the text "Pearce" because it give me a stitched type of text vibe. This in no way is professional criticism as it is not based on skill or techniques, more on how I feel about the piece my self.


Rating: 5/10

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