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San Diego AGM Opening


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San DIego Marlins Assistant GM Wanted! 👀


Firstly I would like to thank @TheNeonShaman for his many seasons of service and let him know again that he will be missed. He informed me that he would be stepping down before the off season begins, real life comes first. Neon was a great assistant for San Diego and I see bigger things in his future when he returns to full activity. We we're able to discuss the team direction and transactions while disagreeing on points, ultimately coming to a consensus. Which is what I'm looking for in my next AGM, I want someone with a different opinion then my own who has no problem telling me how they think it is. After going into a full rebuild this season, we expect San Diego to be competitive going forward. We drafted many future VHL talents last season @eagle_3450 @NJDevils24 @jacobcarson877 just to name a few and we look to continue that trend in future drafts with an eye for competing every season. 


:sdm:AGM duties include:

Being active on the forums as well as discord. 

Assisting with weekly press conferences. 

Assisting with trade negotiations and player recruitment/retention. 

Assisting in the VHLM draft process as well as making selections. 

Learning how to submit lines using STHS.

Making sure I'm sober enough to operate a VHLM franchise.


If interested in the position please post below, all applicants will be heavily considered so don't be shy! :cheers:

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That last requirement might be a bit too much for a AGM lol

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