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1st Day as an AGM

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Getting hired as an Assistant General Manager came as a surprise to me especially heading to the VHLE instead of the M for my first rodeo but I don't mind it as the rush are a former M team so it kind of fits in I guess, but its a different perspective on the league and you see a lot more and it opened my eyes on how hard the GM's for teams work alongside there AGM's. For awhile I've been trying to become a AGM but I never got it until now and I don't regret waiting, some might say they will AGM for a short time and just go and try to GM but I think I'm going to go a little bit different and stay as an AGM for some seasons before I even think about applying as a GM as some experience could help and see some things that need to be done, one thing that should be done is that AGM's get pay we have lives as well and do a lot of work so GMs get paid why shouldn't we! Jokes aside the staff team should start talking about that it would be a nice little thing. But with my first day of being an AGM coming to a close I feel like I have a way to go but it is for me and hens why I decided to turn this into my .com article for the week for some sweet tpe that I SHOULD be getting from pay, anyways I've written enough now so peace out until next weeks article!

Word count 271

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AGMs have no rights I'm afraid. They used to be able to get paid, but from what I'm told GMs just made one of their own players their AGM to give them 2 TPE for free. So because it kept being abused, it was just removed. You could always just do the press conference for the team, unless your GM wants to do it himself, and consider those 2 TPE your job pay. It's probably all you're going to get.🤷‍♂️

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