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Hybrid Attribute Berocka Analysis


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Hybrid Attributes


So by now everyone has seen the news about the new attributes and what they are. However I know that some people might have been a little confused with the excel spreadsheets and the Maths of it all (Scary Maths is Scary). So see below a breakdown of all the hybrid attributes and how they relate to the ones from STHS.


1.       Deking

a.       Moderate - Puck Handling

b.       Minor - Defence

2.       Stick Handling

a.       Moderate - Puck Handling

b.       Minor - Skating

3.       Passing

a.       Moderate - Passing

4.       Body Checking

a.       Minor – Defence

b.       Moderate – Checking

5.       Grit

a.       Moderate – Checking

b.       Moderate - Fighting

6.       Faceoffs

a.       Major – Faceoffs

b.       Moderate – Strength

7.       Stick Checking

a.       Moderate – Defence

b.       Minor - Strength

8.       Defensive Coverage

a.       Minor – Defence

b.       Minor - Skating

9.       Offensive Vision

a.       Moderate – Passing

b.       Moderate - Shooting

10.   Speed

a.       Moderate - Skating

11.   Slap Shot

a.       Minor – Scoring

b.       Moderate - Strength

12.   Wrist Shot

a.       Minor – Scoring

b.       Moderate – Penalty Shot

13.   Leadership

a.       Major - Leadership

14.   Poise

a.       Moderate – Leadership

b.       Major – Discipline



For those that want the Maths this is what I consider a Minor, Moderate and Major influence.

1.       Minor increase 0-0.2

2.       Moderate increase .21-.5

3.       Major increase .51-.8


Next, we will look at how hard it is to upgrade a certain STHS Attribute. See below a table showing you how much is the minimum TPE required to upgrade the attribute by 1. Also I have a calculation on how much TPE is required to get the STHS Attribute to 99, please note that it currently takes 185 TPE to get an attribute to 99 on the current scale.



TPE to increase by 1

TPE required to get to 99*






Not Possible (Max 69)



Not Possible (Max 93)







Puck Handling





Not Possible (Max 93)






Not Possible (Max 93)




Penalty Shot


Not Possible (Max 87)





*The calculation was completed by upgrading to 99 of the most beneficial attribute first, then moving down to the less beneficial attributes. There may be a more cost effective way of getting an attribute up to 99.


Next, I have done a calculation on all of the new Hybrid attributes and provided a breakdown of their individual usefulness. This is done by splitting the Attributes in three groups. The first is the useful updates the ones that are considered Meta at this point, they are: Scoring, Defence, Puck Handling, & Skating. The ones that are second most useful and are considered secondary attributes: Passing, Face Offs, Checking & Strength. This leaves, Discipline, Fighting, Penalty Shot and Leadership as the almost useless attributes. I add up the amount influence the new hybrid attributes have, times the important ones by three and make the almost useless ones worth zero. This is the list of what I think is the most important attributes:


1.       Stickhandling

2.       Offensive Vision

3.       Deking

4.       Defensive Coverage

5.       Stick Checking

6.       Speed

7.       Faceoffs

8.       Slap Shot

9.       Body Checking

10.   Passing

11.   Wrist Shot

12.   Grit

13.   Leadership

14.   Poise


*Example of calculation = (PH,DF,SC,SK * 3) + (PA,ST,CK,FO) + (PS,LD,DI,FG * 0)


So I doubt this is much help to anyone but I like to crunch numbers and you should consider these numbers thoroughly crunched.


Thank you!

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I split SC/DF and the other useful ones into two tiers when I did the same for part of my spreadsheet. Put SC/DF at 2.5 and the others at 1.5. Basically arbitrary numbers and I can't claim to have used them much. My approach was more to find efficient SC/DF plateaus and then based on the givens from those values find the corresponding efficient PH/SK values.


The interesting thing to consider is that Your DF will in part decide what your PH is going to be, because they share Deking as a hybrid. And your PH dictates what your SK needs to be. But your SK also has Defensive Coverage as a hybrid that it shares with DF, so the three are very heavily connected. This also creates some things to consider for actual effective cost of attributes. Since you NEED Deking and Defensive Coverage for DF, you don't need to pay for it "again" to get your PH/SK up. It's basically free PH/SK that you just happened to get from reaching your DF. That makes PH/SK's real cost a lot lower than its cost in a vacuum. The same is partially true for PH/SKs relationship with each other too, since they also share Stickhandling. But since they are basically equally useful you'd probably have to use the ratio to split their cost if you wanted to. But really you're just more or less going to get SK<=PH anyways so it doesn't exactly matter at that point.


This also means that DF/PH/SK all share breakpoints which makes figuring out the actual cheapest way to get a certain DF/PH/SK setup a lot tricker than it may seem at first.

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I shouldn't write things after workouts, had to edit basically everything.
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9 minutes ago, v.2 said:

What???? You mean you didn't crunch the numbers enough to figure out the new meta yet?

TL;DR 86SC/85DF or 82SC/81DF then you need to get the PH/SK that lines up with the DF values that hit either break point and you're done. GG WP! Oh and if you're a silly goose you can slap 99 PA on top of that. If you're doing a ~1k TPA build you can get 88 SC or even 90 if you're feeling feisty. That's at least some very cost efficient builds, assuming you hit the breakpoints the right way. I'll write a MS with my findings at some point soon™ too.

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