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Calgary to win LA in three games? Spokesperson for VHL: ''They need to play 4 games usually, but if it's too unfair we consider letting them play only three games''


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Exaggerated, overestimated, hyped-up - all synonyms for the word overrated. When we think about VHL and teams that fit the category of being hyped-up too highly, LA Stars is the first team and really the only team that comes to mind. LA Stars has received overwhelmingly positive support from the media lately. I, for one, think the support has gone so far that it's fair to speculate whether most of the analysts and experts have even watched LA Stars play. The audacity to claim LA Stars could win a team like Calgary Wranglers in five games is ridiculous. It's not even fake news, it's simply incorrect.





At the same time, we can't ignore the standings. LA Stars did finish second in the NA division this year. However, take a moment and think about the following words and phrases: lucky break, fluke, and opportunity. They are all synonyms for the word luck. Don't these phrases and words fit perfectly for LA Stars? I think so. How can a player with two first names score 143 points in 72 games? How can managers like Rory and v2 finish second in the standings? Pure luck. The media is clueless if they think LA Stars can be that lucky in the playoffs. LA Stars is like an elephant dancing on a ball. You keep watching because you did not think something like that is possible. You keep on watching because you did not think doing something like that for so long could be possible. You still keep on watching, but this time just to see when the elephant is going to fall off. Where you are right now is watching the elephant fall off.  


Calgary Wranglers have only one weakness - they are too humble. When you think about competition and trying to finish first, being too humble is not a good thing. When you are making the playoffs anyways you might see chasing glory in the regular season as pointless. If you already know you are the best, what is the point? Especially when the playoffs are what matters the most. More than a few times Calgary players have given interviews to the press between periods stating the regular season is ''like a circus'' or asking when the ''real games'' are starting. Calgary players are simply too humble to go into try-hard mode during the regular season.


I think we can all agree that LA Stars is as far from the favorite as a team can be. If you are thinking about placing bets I would think five times before placing them on LA Stars or any LA players, unless you are betting what team is going to lose, or what players are going to suck. Those are the bets that LA Stars and their players are the favorites.


Calgary will come into the playoffs knowing they can finally play games that deserve their full attention. I think 3-0 is the most likely result, and we will see if we can just end it there, so the elephants can take their ball and hit the showers early.

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