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Hybrid Attributes Breakdown


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Disclaimer: There will be careless errors, if not from me, then from Spartan in sheet I'm using. The original sheet had all the TPE scale cutoffs one attribute point too low, so if you can't replicate any numbers in the spreadsheet. You need to copy it again, as those were fixed on Thursday(ish). That doesn't mean there aren't more careless errors in the formulas somewhere that I haven't gone over with a fine tooth comb. And for me personally I'm a careless error machine, so I 100% made some. That being said every single build I've had sent to me, and applied what I'm about to talk about to, has become considerably cheaper TPA wise.


The Holy Trinity of Hybrid Attributes

These are Defensive Coverage, Deking and Stickhandling. Not because they are the three best attributes, simply because they all play off each other.

When making a build, much like prior to this new hybrid era, your main concern is applying your forehead to the SC and DF buttons as hard as humanly possible, nothing will realistically ever change that. But what has changed is how you go about doing so. Namely, it's become really freaking expensive to do so, and we can no longer make a dummy thicc gap between SC and PA. So how are we supposed to make gross players then?

Well, mostly just through efficient use of TPA. I know that's not an exciting answer for most of us, but it's the most likely answer.


To actually be efficient we need to waste as few points of TPA as possible, that's pretty self-explanatory, but the key to doing so is largely in the "Holy Trinity" of Defensive Coverage (now DC), Deking (now DK) and Stickhandling (Now SH). Because when we apply our forehead to maxing out our DF, we will put an amount of points in DC. For essentially all peak builds, this amount just so happens to be 80 (85 or 82 DF) or 75 (81 DF), for the sake of getting as much DF as possible in our TPA bracket. The numbers change ever so slightly if you are going for a CK build. But since I'm not, you'll have to deal with that headache yourself if that is your cup of tea.



This chart shows why we choose 85, 82 and 81 as our DF targets.


Making a Build

Now since quite a lot of people are in the mind 500s for TPA, I will use a 562 TPA setup as the example for how I go about making build in the hybrid system. This means we will target 81 DF, so 75 DC. If I go over to my optimization sheet where I've outlined the cheapest way to reach certain values of DF/SC/PA/PH/SK. We can see that the possible SK values that can be efficiently reached with 75 DC are 70-81. Now to be on budget we will aim for roughly a 10 point gap between DF and SK, so we will aim for 70 SK, which means we'll also need 70 PH give or take. See how what DF we chose to hit basically chose what PH and SK we will have for us? That's a pretty core idea to how this hybrid system works. It's basically a flowchart starting with DF and ending with an efficient build.



Screenshots of my SF, SK and PH optimization sheets, showing which values are needed to hit 81 DF, 70 SK and 70 PH, along with TPA costs in a vacuum. The shared hybrid attributes are color coded.


With our SK value chosen, we can simply look in the sheet and see that we want 37 SH, 75 DC and 41 Speed (now SP). We now have to match our PH to our SK, so we will go over to the PH sheet and see that 70 PH means 70 DK and 37 SH. Notice how that is the exact same SH number as for PH. Meaning we "only" had to pay for the DK to get our PH up! But wait, there's more. We reached our PH/SK numbers from our DF, right? And DK is one of the DF hybrids. So what values did we need to hit 81 DF? The answer to that is 70DK, 80 Stick Checking and 75 DC. So we already have 70 DK from our DF. That means we literally got our PH to 70 "for free". Because we already paid for the DK as part of getting our DF up, we would have done that even if it didn't have PH slapped on it. Then we got 37 SH to get our SK to 70. So we literally didn't have to do anything to get our PH, it just automatically happened. That's what I call efficiency!



This chart shows us why we target 86, 85 or 81 for SC.


Now all that is left is our SC, which we obviously want as much of as we can feasibly afford. Trying to max out the gap is A) Too expensive, and B ) If I understood the BOG testing correctly, not even better than just ending up with a slightly smaller gap. So we will only really concern ourselves with getting as much SC per TPA as humanly possible, this just so happens to produce a 17 point gap between SC and PA at 81 SC. If we were making a higher TPA build ~700+ then we could go for 86 SC. But we just can't feasibly fit that in the mid 500s. So how do we go about getting 81 SC as cheap as possible? 80 Offensive Vision, 72 Slap Shot and 70 Wrist Shot.



Screenshot of the optimal 81 SC values from my optimization sheet.


The End Product

With everything said and done, this lands us with the below build. Obviously it's far too early to tell what everyone will end up doing for builds going forward. But I'd be relatively surprised if we don't end up with a lot of various combinations of 81, 85 or 86 SC as well as 81, 82 or 85 DF with SK/PH in the 70s. There is also plenty of room for making very high passing builds, for us Dmen, but currently PA is a bit *too* cheap. So I suspect it will be nerfed before the season. 99 PA is trivial to hit, as you get the Offensive Vision part of it "for free" as you aim for your SC target.



The reason I never mentioned going for any ST, is simply because you get enough for free to never need to target it.


In Closing

Like I mentioned before, this basically becomes a flow chart and cranking out builds is pretty fast and painless once you've done the mind numbing work of figuring out the best way to hit each attribute value, and which values end up being efficient to aim for. The only hard part is figuring our which exact SC/DF break point you can hit at your TPA range, and still make a build around it. I would link my optimization sheet, but honestly I'm not sure anyone cares, and more importantly I only made it for myself. So I have no idea if it even makes sense/is readable to other people, as that was never a consideration in how I did the layout. If you do want a link to it, lmk. I have no intention of keeping it secret if there is interest.


1258 Words, Claiming for no weeks. Cause Graphics are more fun.😅

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