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Ben’s very unofficial guide to builds


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With the new hybrid attributes it can be confusing to a lot of people about them and I know Alex already wrote a article but most of what he says is not true in my opinion . It’s just what the league wants you to have as your attributes so they can stop the meta but don’t worry. I have spent a total of 5 minutes doing research and I have found the best 3 Stats you want to focus on with your player moving forward!



1. Leadership (LD) Leadership is something many members simply look over and is a shame. Having this can help increase morale and playing on the ice, how is a team expected to score on goalies when no one is passing and has 0 morale. Hockey is not a one man sport how are teams supposed to play the game even though they play like they are totally strangers, anyone that has played a team sport at a high level or even at a pick up level know you need morale in order to win. It is one of Abram Lincoln’s favorite quotes “ Their is no I in team so why do we act like their is some time, this goes the same for the VHL!” (Not a actual quote”) So if you made a new player you should most definitely put all of your attributes to leadership until it reaches 99!



2.  Body checking/fighting Anyone with a good mind knows you need this as a stat. Is hockey hockey without making people have concussions and have brain tumors? So why try to act like it’s not, anyone with a brain knows that in order to be able to stand your ground in the VHL you need to slap as many attributes as you can into these. You can stand up for yourself and your teammates, it makes you a alpha male and a giga chad and we all want to be cool like that! A famous quote by George Washington “ if you don’t throw some hands you got no plan! (Again not a actual quote) any person who wants to have a good player needs to invest into fighting and body checking in order to compete in this league!



3. Penalty shot (PS) this is another one that can be a real game changer, by putting 50 TPE into this you can become the most reliable player on the team you are on! Your GM will be very happy and will give you more ice time in general! By upgrading this you show you can handle any pressure or problems that may or may not come your way! By upgrading this you can be a cool guy and make the game winning shoot out goal, defiantly a stat all new Players must upgrade along with the other ones I have stated in order to be competitive in this modern day league we live in!


So by following the tips I give you your player will be one of the greatest on the ICE in no time!


if you are a new member don’t actually follow this, this article is satire.

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