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Jokinen makes history


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161 points in 144 regular-season games, Erlantz Jokinen is now officially the 86th highest scorer in Calgary Wrangler's history! Jonas Stormsson with his 158 points in 269 games had to give his spot in the history books to Jokinen. It's unclear whether Stormsson is delighted or unhappy because I have not asked, but I did manage to get hold of Jokinen earlier today. When I say I managed to get hold of him, I mean that I sent him a message on Instagram. Here is what he had to say about pushing Stormsson down one spot in the history books:

''It's always an honor when you hear you have done something historical. When I joined Calgary a few years ago I did not even dare to dream about the history books, but look at me now!?! I guess it shows that I have been doing something right. There has been a lot of great players in Calgary over the years. Rybak, Labatte, and Boulet to name a few. It's crazy to think that it's perfectly reasonable to now say my name next to these players. Amazing. I will, of course, keep working hard, so I can keep moving even higher in the history books.''

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