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A tale of two Brothers // Mixed results

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Swiss Central Gazzette (Marcel's stats/Daniel's stats)


The regular season has ended and while for Marcel's Vasteras Iron Eagles the season is prematurely over, Daniel's Calgary Wranglers will wrestle with the LA Stars for a spot in the conference finals. The Bookies do not rate the chances of Calgary making this leap all too favourably, but we think they give the team too few credit.


In Calgary's roster, Funk is the only one who has not at least scored a point per game. Apart from that, the scoring was evenly distributed amongst the skaters in Calgary's roster and whenever one player had a slump, they others stepped up to the plate and contributed to the team's success. The Wranglers had three 100+ points scorer in Reinhart, Eagles and Nasherov. Veteran winger Perry was only three points shy of a triple digit as well. Eagles beat his own scoring record by 30 points (from 75 to 105), without neglecting his defensive duties.


Reinhart set a new point record for herself as well and more than doubled her previous goals scored record from 27 to 56 (5th of the league). This cannot only be attributed to her change of position from defence to wing. 


Nasherov improved his record from last year a tad (from 101 points to 103) and Johnson improved from 76 to 92 points scored, with no negative effect on his defensive play. Admittedly the numbers of checks decreased significantly, however the numbers of his two previous season were insane (359 and 403 checks respectively). 


No sophomore slump could be noted in Kotkakoivu's game either. Leading the first line, he improved his rookie season's numbers from 59 points to 81.


Klamasteris was the usual safe backbone for the Wranglers posting a solid .923 season. The only remarkable fly in the ointment was that he lost 11 games in shootout (albeit one does not lose these kind of games on one's own).


Now for Daniel, he scored 73 points in 72 games, and has a +40 statistic. He was also amongst the top 20 centers with 53.45% success rate at the face off. Certainly not a bad statistic for a rookie.


We do not think that Daniel will be in the race for the Stolzschweiger, as there are too many high scoring prospects in this year's rookie class (and that is not even considering netminders). London alone occupies the top three scoring rookie positions and we think that Daniel's numbers are too low to be noticed. The bane of a non-meta two-way center, we believe.


We think to write Calgary off right now, might be a huge error of judgement as this team is on fire, despite five straight losses towards the end of the regular season.


Marcel on the other hand did what he has always done: blocking shots. He stopped 202 attempts this season, which puts him on the first spot, 15 blocked shots ahead of the next best blocker in Monster. Also he was a rare guest in the sin bin with only 37 PIM served, which certainly is a rare feat for a defensive minded defenseman. Despite his offensive limitations he achieved 53 points in 72 games and scored four times the game winner for his team (second of his team, behind Young). 


Here a brief overview over the brothers' stats at the end of the regular season:

Marcel: 72gp, 9g, 44a, 53pts, -53, 37 PIM, 35 hits, 202sb, 4gwg, 6ppg

Daniel: 72gp, 23g, 50a, 73pts, +40, 112 PIM, 198 hits, 36sb, 1gwg, 1ppg, FO% 53.45









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