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Double Playoff Experience

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Not a whole lot of people can say that they are currently in the playoffs as both a player, and a general manager, but I am one of the few who can. As someone who is experiencing the playoffs not only in multiple leagues, but at multiple 'levels' as well, it really gives me a lot of insight and perspective on the playoffs themselves and provides multiple emotions along the way. As a player, I solely have to think about myself, of course I do think of my team but I know with my player, I can make or break a game, and if I don't update, and I don't play well, I won't succeed at that level and I'll let myself down and in turn, let everyone else down, but as a general manager, it's like... you hold a whole list of people's dreams and desires and possibly fun in your hands, and when you think about it, the success of the team comes from everyone together and not just one individual person. I feel like being a player is a lot more laid back though because at the end of the day I can have the opportunity to chase more cups and even if I don't win cups, I'm not gonna be too upset over it, but as a GM, I have to really strive for the best, be the best I can be and deliver results whenever possible, simply for the greater good of my team. 

Just some random thoughts for the day, but yeah, it is a lot of fun to be where I am from both perspectives, and I can only hope both my player, and my team flourish to the best of their abilities to win their respective leagues :D

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