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Scoish Velociraptor Maloish - Junior Review


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Scoish Velociraptor Maloish. What a name. The VHLM’s newest defenseman is looking to make a new name for himself. While my client didn't come from the Juniors, he does have a backstory in hockey and has some experience. My client, Mr. Maloish, would like to explain the origin of the name and his story up to this point.


“My name is Scoish Velociraptor Maloish. This is where I would say ‘my friends call me Mal though’ but I don’t have friends. I’ve never had any friends growing up until now. It hasn’t been a pleasant life for me. It all started when I was born. I wasn’t wanted from the start. I couldn’t defend myself. My ‘father’ left my mother before I was born and out of spite, I got this name. Home life was awful. The pain and torture I would endure at home were never-ending. Going to school was much worse. The bullies would just have free reign all day. There was no escape from anything. I couldn’t live my life. I had to run away at the age of 10 to save my life. My mental sanity was non-existent. Living on the streets was way better than dealing with the pain at home and school. Obviously, my mother didn’t care either as she didn’t even report me missing.


To get by, I’d steal and beg in front of churches and stores. Funny enough, that was how I started getting into hockey. I was at the local ice rink digging through the trash looking for anything when I was caught by security. Instead of throwing me out, they brought me into the administrative office. They saw a broken child that needed to be helped. John, the facility manager, showed me what empathy was and gave me a job cleaning up the locker rooms for some money. He even let me use the locker room to clean myself up.


At this point, I’m still living on the streets but I had some money now and a place to go during the day. When I finished cleaning I’d watch the local beer leagues play. I thought it was so awesome. It was at that point I wanted to try hockey. Hockey, unfortunately, is very expensive to start. I didn’t have any equipment. The money that I did get was mainly for food. John took notice, alongside one of the beer league teams, The Yelling Yankees. They gave me some old equipment that they were going to get rid of as a kind gesture.


Getting on the ice for the first time was surreal. I didn’t know what to expect but it was so easy for me. They even let me play for the Yelling Yankees! Of course, they didn’t let me play offense, so I was stuck on defense. I enjoyed it though. It was the first time I felt as if I was with a family. My teammate Ronnie even let me stay at his place while I was getting my footing. I had enough confidence to get a salary job that let me play hockey at night. My life finally got better.


I guess I impressed some of the VHL scouts since I was recommended to sign up for the VHLM. And that is where I’m at right now. I signed the paperwork and was contacted by a few teams to come to join them. I felt that I could make a huge impact on the Houston Bulls so I signed with them. My old teammates were so excited for me. They threw a big party for me before I left for the US.”


My client is very excited to start his journey in the VHLM and possibly get to the VHL one day. This isn’t the last time you will see Mr. Maloish. Get ready VHLM!

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