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Press Release - Local hockey player return to hometown

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Press Release - Barbados - Scoish Velociraptor Maloish returned to his hometown after signing with the Houston Bulls to visit the local ice rink that he grew up in. It’s being reported that Maloish would be donating 1.25 million dollars of his 1.5 million dollars entry-level contract to the facility. We caught up with John Polsky, the rink owner, about this sizable donation.


“I didn’t even know that Mal would be coming back to the rink. I just saw the news of him signing with the team and I was so proud of him. When I first saw him digging through our trash years ago, I saw a broken child with nowhere to go. I gave him a chance to prove himself and gave him a job here. I didn’t think it would end up with him going into the VHLM! When he got on the ice and started skating, I finally saw that child-like excitement finally. He was grinning the whole time on the ice. I’m just so excited to finally see him again happy. I can’t wait to do some much-needed renovations to the facility. I’m also going to be renaming the rink the Maloish Tribute Rink.” - John Polsky on the sizable donation.


“I knew I wanted to give back to the place where I was able to escape the horrible life I had. Mentally, I was in a bad place before I stepped foot in this rink. Now I’m in the VHLM. This is a dream come true. I didn’t expect this at all. I can’t wait to get started and what better place to visit a dear friend in John. He was the one that started this all. The donation was just a small gesture for saving my life.” - Maloish on the donation.


A few days after the visit an official ceremony was held in honor of the donation to rename the rink the Maloish Tribute Rink.


“I think this goes to show what a little bit of empathy can do in the long run. I’m very proud of what happened here. It’s time we honor the man that gave this building a new life. A man that I’m proud to call my friend, Scoish Velociraptor Maloish. Let this be a lesson to everyone, never give up on anyone. You never know what may happen.” - John at the ceremony.


Since this ceremony, Maloish has been in 16 games in the VHLM. He only has 2 assists but he is a +2 +/-. He is a very physical player with 41 hits and 17 shotblocks. He isn’t scared to sacrifice himself for the team. Ontop of the regular season stats, he is also getting some VHLM playoff action. In 5 games he only has 1 point but has 15 hits. He isn’t an offensive threat, but he is a threat to the forwards on the opposition. He isn’t scared to throw his body around and get the job done.


We are excited to see where Mr. Maloish will go in his career. He is already making a name for himself. We can definitely see him in the VHL as a main staple of the roster.

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