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Nasherov interview


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Welcome back to yet another interview with the one and only Gustislav Nasherov


With the playoffs coming up, how are you feeling for it?


I am super pumped, we have one heck of a team and I believe that if things go right for us and everyone's plays with their heart we will go far.  Our first round matchup is already interesting to say the least.  LA is a very strong team and will be a perfect test for what we can accomplish as a team and what heights we can reach, that means that we have to go hard from the first minute of this matchup because if we do not then we are going to have some problems.  Either way it will be one hell of a fun series and I am sure that the fans will be even crazier.  Our fans are the best in the league and we would not have been here if they would not have been at the games and cheered us on, they never gave up on us either.  When we had that dip at the beginning of the season they cheered us on the whole time which made us be able to play like us again and win tons of games.  My expectations for myself are high as always, I want to be able to help the team as much as possible and I would do anything to score or put up assists for the team and help us win.  There is nothing more I want than to win this whole thing here in Calgary.  And with this squad being better than last season's I believe that we can make it to the finals, even win the finals if we play right.  Us as a team have the capacity, have the fans and have the chemistry to go all the way.  And all of us want to do it too.  I know for a fact that all of us would do basically anything to lift the cup and all of us are going to put everything on the line to score.  We will be playing like there is no tomorrow.


What would you do if you lost in the first round


First of all I would be upset, we are destined for so much better and we have the squad to make the finals, maybe even win it.  Then I would go to myself and ask, why we lost.  Because it was not because of lack of motivation, lack of fans or lack of skill.  There must have been something else that majorly affected our playing quality, what that is what bamboozles me.  But there are always reasons to a loss, and I will find them.  Then I would thank every teammate and coach for their work.  We are an awesome group.  I would encourage every to look ahead and think of next season when we will go even farther and win it all.  


Thanks for the interview Nasherov, be sure to have a great day!



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