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Playoffs - Sigard Petrenko


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SEATTLE - At the end of the regular season, Seattle was fourth in their conference and proved their mettle as they fought from a rough start to a wild card spot. They would be going against the Toronto Legion in a best of 5 match.


“Yeah, I was glad to see we had made the playoffs. We put everything into this season and we are here to win.” Sigard Petrenko said before the first game of the wild card series. “We’re going to have to fight hard and outwork the team. It’s always about what we can do next shift.”


Seattle would proceed to take 4 games to get the 3 wins that they needed and ousted the Toronto Legion. One of these games included a quite gutsy hat trick from Sigard Petrenko. To make things sweeter, that hat trick was also his first in the Victory Hockey League.


“Yeah, that hat trick was great. Though, what really matters is that we got the win.” He said.


No time to look back on that series or to celebrate as they will be going up against the Vancouver Wolves. The “Meta” as they are “affectionately” called in the locker room will prove to be a challenge. People are wondering how the Seattle Bears are going to try to win. To that, Sigard had a simple response.


“Score goals and make sure they don’t score more.”

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