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Juan's Last Ceson?


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This week, Juan Ceson heard some very interesting news about the future of his hockey career. He heard that all his hard work and training would no longer count and he would have to retrain in completely different skills that would somehow be the same skills but not the same. This was very sad news for Juan Ceson as he does not like training and he is against building useful hockey skills like passing and skating. This has led to some deep thought from Juan Ceson especially as his beloved GM mubble fubbles is retiring that maybe it is also time for him to retire. He still has no money as he has once again gambled away all his contract money after being traded and he still has the chance of a future in Calgary if he could only be bothered to actually practice and get better at playing hockey but perhaps it is not worth it and going home and just getting a normal job would be better. Only time will time if this is his last season or if he will play Juan Ceson more.

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LA has a strong Mexican-American community. It is very sad that ((they)) stole Juan Ceson from the Los Angeles Stars.

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