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VHLM Season 82 Round One Playoffs Interview

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With the VHLM Season 82 playoffs underway, we found time to have a short chat with the Houston Bulls star defender AirRig GoodBrandSun @Rhynex Entertainment, whom just finished a nice playoff series against the Halifax 21st with a 4 to 1 Victory. 


Reporter: Hello AirRig! It's good to see you again! Congratulations on winning round one against the 21st! How are you feeling after the first series? What are your thoughts on the playoffs so far?


AG: Hello. Thank you. It's just the first step with a long road ahead. We had a good round one, the 21st were a good team. They put up a very good fight. Certainly kept up on our toes.. err skates.. blades. The playoffs is where the real game begins. It's been a tough playoffs already, I mean the defending champs already gone.


Reporter: Any celebrations in the locker room? What are your preparations for round 2?


AG: No celebrations. This is just the beginning. We have a long way to go to get to where we want to be. We need to work on being both mentally and physically ready for next series. It's going to be a tough opponent and we need to be ready from the start.


Reporter: Sounds like it's all business! Best of luck in the playoffs!


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